Spring Quarter 2017 Schedule

We are pleased to announce the Spring 2017 schedule. We will meet on alternate Fridays at 4:00pm in Foster 505. Refreshments will be served. 

The schedule is as follows:

April 7

“Voices from the South: The Making of Subaltern Studies in Italy” 

David Gutherz, PhD Candidate, Committee on Social Thought

April 21

“Ottomanism Is the Answer, But What Was the Question?”

Madeleine Elfenbein, PhD Candidate, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

May 5

“The Play of Virtue: A Transnational Intellectual History of Revolutionary Losers in Modern Japan”

Sho Konishi, Associate Professor in Modern Japanese History, The University of Oxford* 

*Please note, Professor Konishi will also be presenting a public lecture for the Japan Committee at 12pm in the Social Sciences Tea Room on Thursday May 4th.

May 19

“Texts, Contexts, and Orders of Enchantment” 

Lily Huang, PhD Candidate, History of Science 

June 2

“The African-American Scholar: Alexander Crummell, Black Romanticism, and Early Ideas about Intellectual Life in the Free North”

Peter Wirzbicki, Harper-Schmidt Fellow, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences

Call For Papers

We are excited to announce that the Intellectual History Workshop will begin to convene in the Spring quarter of 2017. The workshop aims to provide a forum for graduate students, post-docs, and faculty from a range of disciplines to share works-in-progress relating to the study of intellectual history.  Our aim is to spark discussion about what it means, practically, to historicize intellectuals, ideas, and systems of thought. These are concerns that cross disciplinary borders, and therefore we are seeking contributions from scholars across the social sciences and humanities.  Topics can encompass all eras and regions of the world. We are committed to creating a workshop that reflects the global character of intellectual history today. Forms of typical workshop papers include dissertation chapters, drafts of journal articles or book chapters, MA theses, and dissertation proposals. 

Possible themes might include: 

– Reflections on historiography and ongoing methodological debates.

– Historical engagements with the human sciences and social theories (i.e. genealogies of particular disciplines and discourses, and/or archivally-based interventions in contemporary debates in social theory).

– Work that addresses the role of social institutions in the formation of ideas, ideologies and structures of feeling.

– Work that generates questions about intellectual history as a historically and geographically situated practice.

– Historical essays anchored in texts and archives that are not, strictly speaking, written. 

We will be accepting proposals throughout the Fall quarter. Please send a provisional title and a short abstract to Oliver Cussen atocussen@uchicago.edu and David Gutherz at dgutherz@uchicago.edu. If accepted, the papers will be circulated one week in advance of the workshop. Should you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to email the coordinators.