Outreach and Education

Group Outreach Activities

Physics with a Bang

Physics with a bang is an annual open house sponsered by the UChicago Materials Research Center that includes a lecture with physics demonstrations, guided lab tours and a demo alley where you can come and participate in hands-on activities related to our research.

Science on the Quad

This is a new outreach event in the making! Plans for this include short science talks for the public, panel discussions, demonstrations, and soapbox research pitches. Groups from all around the university will participate. Stay tuned for more information!

Educational Activities

Summer Workshops for Incoming Graduate Students

Prof. King is involved in designing workshops for incoming graduate students to help the transition to graduate school. Topics include: Don’t be a Sucker: Avoiding Critical Mistakes, Research like an Advisor, How to Beg for Money: Writing Fellowship, Travel, and Grant Applications, and Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Picking and Advisor, Project, and Career