March 8 – Nathan Hardy

The Workshop on Late Antiquity and Byzantium is pleased to announce its next meeting.

Nathan Hardy will present “Portraying Prototypal Presence: The Image of Edessa as an Exemplum of ‘Presence’ in John of Damascus and the Narratio de Imagine Edessena.

This paper examines two descriptions of the famous Image of Edessa (later, the Mandylion), in John of Damascus’ On Divine Images I.33 and in the Narratio de Imagine Edessena, respectively, and tries to show how the Image functioned as an explanation of the concept of Prototypal Presence. In particular, the paper aims to articulate three strategies used in the Narratio to explain this rather abstract concept.

Please join us on Tuesday, March 8th, at 4:30 pm in CWAC 152.

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