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Winter  2016

Multicultural Inclusion through Afro-Creole Indigeneity: State Ritual and Afro-Creole Performative Culture in Post-Colonial Guyana, 1964–1970s Ramaesh J. Bhagirat

Fellow and Visiting Instructor, History, Kenyon College January 14, 2016, 4:30-6PM


Illegal Enslavement and International Relations on the Southern Border of the Brazilian Empire

Keila Grinberg Tinker Visiting Professor, CLAS/Associate Professor, History, UNIRIO

January 28, 2016, 4:30-6PM


Territory, Indianidad, and the State in the Papaloapan, Mexico

Diana Schwartz, PhD candidate, History

February 11, 2016 4:30-6PM


ABACC and the Evolution of Nuclear Verification between Argentina and Brazil, 1978–1992

Chris Dunlap, PhD candidate, History

February 25, 2016, 4:30-6PM


Theaters and the Creation of an Urban Public in São Paulo, Brazil

Aiala Levy, PhD candidate, History

March 3, 2016, 4:30-6PM


U.S. Imperialism and Mexican Drug Policy, 1912–1927: A Reassessment

Isaac Campos, Associate Professor, History, University of Cincinnati/ Visiting Scholar, Harvard University March 10, 2016, 4:30-6PM

Spring 2015

April 9: José Juan Pérez Meléndez, PhD Candidate, Department of History, “Launching Colonization Companies in Imperial Brazil: The Regency Years, 1831-1840”  

April 23: Ramaesh J. Bhagirat-Rivera, PhD Candidate, Department of History, “Celebrating ‘All Kinds of Folk’: Racial Divisions, Multicultural Inclusion, and the Institutionalization of National Culture in the Southern Caribbean, c. 1950s-1970s”

May 7: Kevin Terraciano, Professor of History, UCLA

May 18 (Monday): John French, Professor of History, Duke University, Paper: “‘Rebels’ and ‘Good Boys’ in the 1960s: The Story of Two Brothers”

May 21: Sabine Cadeau, PhD Candidate, Department of History, “The End of the Old Border: Ethnic Profiling, Discrimination and Arrests in the Dominican Border Provinces, 1920-1936”

May 29 (Friday): MA Student Presentations, Paper(s): TBD, **Special Time** 12:00-1:30

  June 4: Mikael Wolfe, Assistant Professor, Stanford University, “Knowing Nature (especially Water) by Engineering it: A Brief History of Mexican técnicos.”


Winter 2015

Jan. 15: Rogério de Souza Farias, CLAS Associate Member, University of Chicago, “Do You Wish to Marry Her? The Admission of Women in Brazilian Professional Diplomacy, 1918-1954”

Feb. 12: Matthew Nestler, MA, University of Chicago, “Rereading Freedom Letters: Slave Manumission in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 1832-1888”

Feb. 26: Karen Caplan, Associate Professor, Rutgers-Newark, “The Latin American Trade, the United States, and the Origins of Development, 1808-1830”

Mar. 12: Ian Read, Associate Professor, Soka University, “Brazil’s Era of Epidemics: How Disease Shaped a Nation”

Jan. 29 (Tentative—May Be Rescheduled): Diana Schwartz, PhD Candidate, Department of History  “Transforming the Tropics: Development, Displacement, and Anthropology in the Papaloapan, Mexico, 1940s-1970s”


Autumn 2013

Oct. 10 – Ramón Gutiérrez, Professor of History “Doña Teresa de Aguilera y Roche before the Inquisition: The Travails of a 17th Century Aristocratic Woman in New Mexico”

Oct. 17 – Tessa Murphy, Ph.D. Candidate, History “The Treaty of Paris and the Transformation of the Lesser Antilles, 1763-1773”

Oct 24 –  María E. Balandrán-Castillo, Ph.D. Candidate, History “‘Estafabraceros’, Border Diplomacy and Migrant Protection, 1964-1974”

Nov. 7 –  Jesse H. Garskof, Professor of History, University of Michigan “The Doctrina de Martí: Migration, Diaspora, and Antillean, Racial Politics in 19th Century New York”

Nov. 21-  Dan Webb, Ph.D. Candidate, History “The Causes and Consequences of the Abrogation of Article XI of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo”

Winter  2012

Jan. 26 – LaShandra P. Sullivan, “Fixing and Unfixing Rural Labor to Land in Contemporary Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil”

Discussant: José Juan Pérez Melendez

Feb. 2 – Emilio Kourí, “Colonial Village Histories and the Mexican Revolution”

Discussant: Mauricio Tenorio

Feb. 16 – Alfredo Jocelyn-Holt, “Escuela Tomada: una memoria personal”

Discussant: Chris Dunlap

Feb. 23 – Jackie Sumner, “’El Señor Gobernador del Estado es muy partidario de la raza indígena:’ Village Rights and the Cahuantzista Regime”

Discussant: Emilio de Antuñano


Fall  2012

Oct. 11 – Patrick Kelly, “Redefining Sovereignty after the Chilean Coup of 1973”

Oct. 18 – Nicole Mottier, “The Persistence of Moneylenders in Mid-Twentieth-Century Rural Mexico”

Nov. 1 – María E. Balandrán, “The End of the Bracero Program and its Impact on Mexican Border Cities”

Nov. 15 – Michael Albertus, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, “The Political Economy of Land Reform in Latin America, 1930-2008”

Dec. 6 – Tessa Murphy, “The Colonies of a Colony: Settlement in the Neutral Islands prior to the Seven Years’ War”

Autumn  2011

Sept. 29 – Antonio Sotomayor, “Los Juegos de San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1966: Colonial Olympism and Olympic Politics during the Cold War”

Oct. 6 – Jeff Needell, Professor of History, University of Florida, “The Remembered, the Forgotten, and the Historian’s Challenge: An Introduction to Brazil’s Abolitionist Movement and its Historiography”

Oct. 20 –Matthew Barton, “’Os motins sao naturais’: The Rebellious Roots of Colonial Minas Gerais”

Nov. 10– Chris Dunlap, “A Problematic Peace: The Treaty of Tlatelolco and the World’s First Nuclear Weapon Free Zone”

Nov. 17 – Rob Karl, Assistant Professor of History, Princeton University, “The Fearful Night Continues: Displacement in Late Violencia Colombia, 1957-1961”

Dec. 1 – Casey Lurtz, “Connecting Chiapas: Coffee and the Expansion of Transportation Networks in Late Nineteenth-Century Soconusco”


Oct 14 – C.J. Álvarez “Policing the US-Mexico Border, 1848-1993”

Commenting: María Balandrán-Castillo

Oct 20: Jaira Harrington (co-sponsored with the Comparative Politics Workshop)

note this is a Wednesday workshop, to be held in the Wilder House Conference Room, 6-8pm

“An Interrogation of the “Domestic”: Domestic Work, Political Subjectivity and the Maria da Penha Law in Brazil.”
Commenting: Jay Sosa

Oct 28: Graciela Márquez Professor of History, Colegio de México, Mexico Visiting Professor, Katz Center for Mexican Studies, University of Chicago

“From Fiscal Revenue to Industrial Promotion: Tariffs in Mexico, 18701-1916”
Commenting: Emilio de Antuñano

Nov 11: Antonio Sotomayor “The State and the Olympic Movement in Puerto Rico, 1930s.”

Commenting: Ramaesh Bhagirat

Nov 18: Aline Helg (co-sponsored with the Caribbean Studies Workshop)

Professor and Director of Department of General History, Université de Genève, Switzerland “Simón Bolívar’s Gran Colombia: Fraternity or Hierarchy?”

Commenting: Tessa Murphy


FALL 2009

Oct 1 – Johnhenry Gonzalez “Property and Political Violence: the Rise of the Peasantry in Post-Emancipation Haiti, 1802-1826”

Commenting: Luis Fernando Granados

Oct 15 – Carmen Apen Ruíz Martínez, Departament d’Humanitats, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain “An Obligatory Amateur and the Girl Who Collected Pottery: Two Women and Two Nations in the Practice of Mexican Archaeology”

Commenting: Diana Schwartz

Oct 29 – Patrick Iber “Cold Words in the City of Exiles: Antecedents to the Cultural Cold War in Mexico”

Commenting: Jose Luis Ramos

Nov 12 – Ramaesh Bhagirat “Challenging Extinction and Survival: Understanding and Historicizing the Neo-Taíno Movement”

Commenting: Sabine Cadeau

Dec 3 – Jaclyn Sumner “Tlaxcalan Indians, Regional Governance, and Political Order in the Porfirian Dictatorship”

Commenting: Casey Lurtz


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