Spring Quarter 2022

Friday, April 15, 3.30pm
“The Archipelagos of Doubt: A Global History of French Skeptical Cultures (1620-1820)”, a talk by Stéphane Van Damme, Professor of History, École Normale Supérieure. Colin Jones, Professor of History at the Queen Mary University of London, will serve as respondent.

Friday, April 29, 3.30pm
“Installation theory in Anglo-Norman funerary monument: the case of Lewes Priory”, by Kirsten Lopez, PhD Candidate in French and Francophone Studies, The University of Chicago.

Friday, May 13, 12.00pm
“Donner la parole: à quel prix? Restitution et dette littéraire dans les recueils de voix contemporains”, by Mathilde Zbaeren, PhD Candidate in French and Francophone Literature, University of Lausanne.

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