The Morphology & Syntax Workshop is scheduled to have in person meetings in 2023-2024 (room: Cobb 402). 

The Morphology & Syntax Workshop at the University of Chicago hosts discussions on cutting-edge research into the ways in which words and phrases are built across the world’s languages. The Workshop creates opportunities for students, faculty, and visitors to present and debate research on foundational issues related to morphology, syntax, and their interfaces. In addition to contemporary theoretical work, the Workshop also welcomes presentations which address cross-linguistic variation in grammar informed by experimental, computational, and documentary approaches to language.

If you’d like to present work at a meeting, or have other questions, please contact the student coordinators: Kutay Serova.

The University of Chicago Department of Linguistics is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. If you require additional accommodations or assistance to facilitate your full participation in this event, please contact Linguistics Department Administrator Tracy Davis at tracyd@uchicago.edu.