Travel and Accomodations

The University of Chicago is situated between the neighborhoods of Hyde Park and Woodlawn on Chicago’s South Side. Midway International Airport is very easily accessible from our campus — indeed, the CTA’s 55 bus route runs from Midway to Hyde Park and crosses campus in the process. The jaunt to O’Hare International Airport is significantly longer; the most expeditious route on public transit would be to board the Blue Line (subway) at O’Hare, disembark at Washington (in the Loop, downtown), and take the 6 bus to S. Hyde Park Blvd. & E. 55th St. As you likely already know or have noticed, many international departures fly exclusively to O’Hare (at least with convenient itineraries), while Southwest Airlines, which finds a formidable hub in Chicago, flies exclusively to Midway. If you’re arriving by bus, I’d suggest riding the Blue Line from Clinton (the stop nearest both the Greyhound station and the Megabus stop) to Washington, then likewise taking the 6 bus down to Hyde Park.