Civic Engagement

I am committed to positive social and political change in my role as a researcher and educator. The following are some of the institutions and projects in which I have taken an organizational role.


Woman is a Rational Animal

I edit a blog (link above) which seeks to reverse the erasure of women in the history of philosophy and social theory. I believe that a major site for intersectional-feminist progress in philosophy and social theory is in the classroom, and specifically in the syllabus. To aid in this project, WIRA provides academic blog posts, written by teachers and students at the University of Chicago, of the philosophical thought and social theory of women in history. These essays serve two functions. Firstly, by offering public-facing critical engagements with the work of women, WIRA hopes to provide inspiration and examples of women scholars who can be included in syllabi on various topics in philosophy and social theory. Secondly, in being written by students as part of their classroom learning, WIRA structures students’ education around the intellectual contributions of women, constituting an active manifestation of the change it seeks to encourage.

This is a work in progress. If you would like to write a post, or give your students the option to write for WIRA as part of their classroom education, please contact me at the email address included on my CV.


Center for Progressive Strategy and Research

Ideas are powerful, and academics have lots of them. CPSR is a branch of The People’s Lobby, devoted to intellectual and educational activism. For CPSR, I organized students on the University of Chicago campus, and hosted Open House events to increase visibility and engagement.


Qumbya Housing Co-operative

Co-ops provide an alternative economic framework to capitalism, which provide solutions to contemporary problems of climate change, housing scarcity, wealth inequality, and social isolation. They are institutions that are collectively owned and democratically run by their members. A co-operative house is collectively owned and run by its occupants, a co-operative workplace is collectively owned and run by its workers, etc.  Professor of Economics, Richard Wolff, provides a lot of educational material about co-ops on his website.

As a member of Qumbya, I have served on the Board of Directors, as Finance Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and Secretary.


Robinson College Students’ Association

I was elected to the position of Women’s Officer, to represent the interests of women students in Robinson College at the University of Cambridge.