Spring 2015

March 30
“The Text as Experience: A Deweyan Approach to the History of Political Thought”
Seth Berlin, University of Chicago

Wed., April 8
The space of politics and the space of war: Some Grotian prolegomena
Annabel Brett, University of Cambridge

April 20
“The Turn to Affect and the Problem of Judgment”
Linda Zerilli, University of Chicago

April 27
“Post-Mortem Effects: Genres of Crisis and the Crisis of Genre in American Political Culture”
George Shulman, New York University

May 4
“Freedom as Practice in Arendt and Foucault”
Dawn Herrera Helphand, University of Chicago

May 11
“The Automaton, the Actor, and the Sea Serpent: Leviathan and the Politics of Metaphor”
Rebecca Ploof, University of Chicago

May 18
“Promising and the Politics of Human Rights: Reading Arendt with Danto”
Emma Stone Mackinnon, University of Chicago

June 1
“Unequal Equality: On Citizenship and Belonging in the 21st Century”
Yuna Blajer de la Garza, University of Chicago

June 8
Vattel, Universalization, and the Law of Nations
Jennifer Pitts, University of Chicago