Winter 2018

January 8:
“The Meek and the Mighty: Two Models of Domination”
Yuna Blajer de la Garza, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago

January 19*
“Rousseau’s ‘Man of the Woods’: Orangutan, Myth, and Man in the Second Discourse
Emma Planinc, Harper-Schmidt fellow, University of Chicago
*This is a Friday. We will meet at 12pm in Pick 506.

January 22:
“Corporations as Rights Bearers”
Turkuler Isiksel, Columbia Univeristy

January 29:
“A Duty to Permit Harmless Migration”
Anna Stilz, Princeton University

February 5:
“Heinrich Heine on Popular Agency and ‘The Beautiful Error of an Ideal Future’”
Will Levine, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago

February 12: 
“Toward a Left (Neo)liberalism: Experimentalism, Agency, and Holistic Individualism”
Bob Reamer, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago

February 19:
“Machiavelli’s Provocative Rhetoric”
Robert Stone, PhD Student, University of Chicago

February 26:
“Plato on Economic Inequality”
David Lay Williams, DePaul University

March 5:
“Democratic Law”
Seana Shiffrin, UCLA