We organize PRC research according to four key research themes: (1) sex and reproductive health; (2) economics, education, and labor market outcomes; (3) health and disease across the life span; and (4) measurement and methods. The first three themes are substantive and reflect the current portfolio of population research at UChicago. The fourth is methodological and develops the university’s unique expertise and resources. Each subtheme expresses several hallmarks of our program: its multidisciplinary nature; its dual emphases on theory and evidence, and concepts and measurement; and its attention to social policies that are demographic in nature. The four themes are neither wholly distinct from one another nor exhaustive in capturing the interests and contributions of PRC members. They do, however, characterize our near-term and future research agendas, describe what synthesizes our novel approach to population research, and highlight the synergies and opportunities for cross-fertilization among colleagues.