Few things are truly impossible.

Leading-edge experimental science requires engineering that is unafraid of the unconventional.


The Engineering and Technical Support Group (ETSG) strives to expand the boundaries of what is possible.
We are here to help you plan, design, build, and test apparatus for your groundbreaking research projects.
We’re limited only by what we can imagine together.

Numerous past projects speak to our success.
Contact us and we will apply our broad experience, technical knowledge, and creative enthusiasm toward achieving your next scientific breakthrough.

Our skills include:

– Mechanical computer aided design (CAD)

– Part and fabrication sourcing

– Structural and thermal analysis

– Finite element analysis (FEA)

– Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

– Automation

– Cost and schedule planning

– Technical documentation 


1. You contact us to discuss your needs and the scope of the project.

2. We provide a cost and schedule estimate.

3. We provide status updates, and you provide continued guidance, as the work progresses.

4. We deliver the final product to your satisfaction.

We aim to offer both flexible and cost-effective services. We charge an hourly rate that varies with assigned staff and complexity of work.