Professor of Economics
Office: 511

John Melling


Selected Work in Progress

  • Hornbeck, Richard, and Trevon Logan. “One Giant Leap: Emancipation and Aggregate Economic Gains,” February 2024.
  • Hornbeck, Richard, and Martin Rotemberg. “Growth Off the Rails:  Aggregate Productivity Growth in Distorted Economies,” January 2024. Conditionally Accepted, Journal of Political Economy. County-By-Industry Data Files, 1860-1880. Online Appendix.
  • Hornbeck, Richard, Guy Michaels, and Ferdinand Rauch. “Identifying Agglomeration Shadows:  Long-run Evidence from Ancient Ports.”
  • Hornbeck, Richard, and Daniel Keniston. “The Financial Wealth of African Americans after Slavery and its Intergenerational Impacts: Evidence from the Collapse of the Freedman’s Bank.”
  • Hornbeck, Richard, Shanon Hsuan-Ming Hsu, Anders Humlum, and Martin Rotemberg. “Technological Stickiness: Switching Costs and Firm Entry in the Long Transition from Water to Steam Power.”
  • Hornbeck, Richard, Anders Humlum, and Martin Rotemberg. “Digitization of the Establishment-level Census of Manufactures from 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880.”

Published and Forthcoming Papers