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I’m a 5th year PhD candidate in Linguistics at the University of Chicago, also affiliated with Ming Xiang’s Language Processing Lab. I have a BA in Linguistics from the University of Cambridge.

My primary research interests are in psycholinguistics and experimental semantics-pragmatics. The empirical domain of my dissertation is alternative-sensitive expressions, such as scalar inference and association with focus. I use psycholinguistic evidence (e.g. measures of activation) to investigate how context interacts with the grammar in delimiting the space of alternatives.

Previously, I have worked on the role of Questions Under Discussion in implicature processing and the effect of pragmatic contrast on speech perception, as well as quantifier scope ambiguities.

I’m also interested in syntax and sentence processing, with special focus on Hungarian. Recent and ongoing projects include relative clause complexity, identity in clausal ellipsis, multiple wh-questions/sluicing, and nominal ellipsis in possessives.