Press Play

IT was another aimless Saturday morning in Fall 1991 when a client walked in on a pair of legs that went on for three-thousand years. This was a case with legs when I’d never had a leg to stand on. I was intrigued, and after some nosing around I was hooked. I’d have to scrap the day job, the moonlighting, and the gaslighting. This one’d take all my faculties. After Bloomington whet my appetite, Jerusalem cut my teeth, and Princeton gave me my first REAL taste, Chicago was just the place to dig in for the long haul. I’ll give you my take on some of my favorite biblical poems, translating, formatting, and explaining how I got there and why I bothered. If you want to follow me while I unravel this TANGLED YARN piece by piece, go ahead and subscribe. (email & click) ☞☞☞

By the way, if you’re on one of those hi-tech government-issue shoe-phones like Agent 86 (you know him, Maxwell Smart, on the original Smart-phone), most of the file will come out alright, but you’re going to have trouble seeing how some of the poems are laid out. For that you’re better off old-school style with a computer. Anyway, look, sleuthing is a plodding business. Flashy sleuths don’t really solve cases; they just stamp themCLOSED.” I try to keep the word-count down and talk without jargon, but it’s all about the details. To understand a case you have to READ SLOWLY. It’s how the business works. So you can keep up, I’ll keep the pace light and drop you another piece every so often. But don’t expect it to make no sense.