If you are interested to be involved in one of the research projects, contact the lab manager.

All studies with babies and children are separately run through the Child Neurosuite.

Currently, we are conducting several projects employing measures of brain anatomy, connectivity, functional magnetic resonance imaging, high-density EEG, eye-tracking, and behavioral economics. All projects are approved by the University of Chicago Internal Review Board, and participants are compensated for their time.

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Current projects

  • Political attitudes, moral conviction, and social decision-making
  • Clinical empathy in medical students
  • The impact of resource scarcity on moral behavior in children
  • The cognitive neuroscience of moral cognition
  • Socioemotional processing in female psychopathy
  • Vulnerability to propaganda from terrorist groups


  • National Institute for Child Health and Human Development
  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • US-Israel Binational Foundation
  • US Department of Defense
  • The John Templeton Foundation
  • The World Bank