2017-18 Academic Year Schedule for STEW and Placement

All events will run on Mondays from 12:30 – 2:00pm, Room Location TBD

(updated 9.8.17 by Winnie Tong)

September 25 Chad Borkenhagen Secret Recipes and Open Sharing in Modernist Cuisine and Mathematical Finance
October 2 Jaclyn Wong None of that Worked Out: How Young Professionals Make Career and Family Decisions
October 9 Faculty Panel

Professors Kristin Schilt (Sociology), Robert Vargas (Sociology) and Ruben Miller (SSA)


Professionalization Panel: Preparing for the Job Talk
October 23 Nora Taplin Grasping for the American Dream: Racial Segregation, Residential Mobility and Homeownership
February 5 Faculty Panel

Professors Sanyu Mojola (Guest Speaker: University of Michigan, and University of Chicago alumni) and Robert Vargas (Sociology)

Professionalization Panel: Mixed Methods Dissertations
February 19 Guest Speaker 

Professor Jennifer Carlson (Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Arizona)

June 1: Graduate Student Mini Job Talk Symposium