About the Workshop

The Social Theory and Evidence Workshop (affectionately dubbed STEW) is a forum for the presentation and discussion of original social scientific research and a venue for sharing information and advice regarding graduate student professionalization in the field of social science research. STEW broadly services the social sciences; it is housed in Sociology but has no single topical or methodological commitment. Rather, it is a space where empirical social scientists with very different substantive and methodological experiences can come together to present and discuss original research.

STEW is a presentation-based workshop. Each week a the presenter gives a 20-45 minute talk followed by Q&A with the audience. This makes STEW an ideal venue for practicing job talks or conference presentations.

The Social Theory and Evidence Workshop meets on select Mondays from 12:30 to 1:50PM. For Winter Quarter 2018, STEW meets in the Harper Memorial Library 150.

Our faculty sponsors are Prof. Kimberly Kay Hoang and Prof. Xi Song. Our student coordinator is Timothy B. Elder. You can find this quarter’s schedule¬†here.