Welcome to the Organization of Black Students

The purpose of the Organization of Black Students (OBS) at the University of Chicago shall be to provide an organizational framework to address issues of concern to the Black community on campus and at large.


Recreation Night

At the start of Fall Reading period, OBS First-Year Representatives hosted a recreation night. There was food, fun, games, and community bonding. Stay tuned for more OBS events!  

New Sweatshirts

OBS recently updated it's 2019 Sweatshirt design. For details about ordering a shirt, check out our facebook or leave us a note in the contact form.  

The Chi

OBS is proud to announce it's screening of The Chi with a Q&A with Jacob Latimore. OBS will be asking questions about the show, its main character, and other topics. Interested in the event? Check out our Facebook to reserve a ticket. You wouldn't want to miss it!

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