The schedule below will be updated periodically, as new presentations are announced.  Unless otherwise noted, all meetings in the Autumn quarter will be held on Mondays from 12:00-1:30 pm in Swift, room number TBD.

Current Quarter


11 January–Jeffrey Stout (Princeton University) and Kevin Hector (University of Chicago)

“A Conversation on Mentorship”

[Craft of Teaching program, with the Religion & Ethics Workshop]

17 January–Bryce Rich (University of Chicago)

“Reinterpreting Baptism: An Ongoing Dialogue”

[Kyle Rader responding]

28 January–Lauren Osborne (University of Chicago)

Syllabus: “Religion and the Senses”

[Larisa Reznik responding]

9 February–Embodiment/Sexuality/Religion Movie Night: “Babette’s Feast”

[Movie, food & drink, and conversation to follow]

14 February–Kristine Culp, Cynthia Lindner, Jeffrey Stackert (University of Chicago)

“Pedagogy and Embodiment”

[Craft of Teaching program: panel presentation and discussion]

1 March–Kelli Gardner (University of Chicago)

14 March–Wendy Doniger (University of Chicago)

Past quarters:


3 October–Eric Gregory (Princeton University), Charles Mathewes (University of Virginia), Willemien Otten (University of Chicago)

“The Influence of Augustine in Political Discourse and Public Theology”

[Panel Presentation & Discussion]

15 October–Jacob Swenson (University of Chicago)

“Two Traditions in Virtue Ethics: Christian Virtue and the Depoliticization of Aristotle.”

[Brian Herlocker responding]

29 October–Ruthie Coffman, Topher Elderkin, Thandiwe Gobledale, Hannah Gustafson (University of Chicago)

“Theology in Public: Reflections on Clinical Pastoral Education”

[Panel Presentation & Discussion]

5 November–Alison Gray, Sean Hannan, Tim Hiller, Chad Preston (University of Chicago)

“Qualifying Exam Preparation in the Study of Religion”

[Panel Presentation, Discussion, and Breakout session working groups]

12 November–Therese Nelson (University of Chicago)

“This is What Democracy Looks Like: The Utopian Vision of the Occupy Chicago Movement”

[Mary Emily Duba responding]

30 November–Derek Krueger (University of North Carolina Greensboro)

“The Internal Lives of Biblical Figures in the Hymns of Romanos the Melodist”

[Public Lecture & Discussion]


9 April–Sam Shonkoff (University of Chicago)

“We Shall Do and We Shall Understand”: HalakhahHabitus and Embodied Theology in Judaism”

[Josh Connor responding]

1 May–Maurice Charles & Andrew Packman (University of Chicago)

“Discoursed Destabilized: Theopraxis and Ministry”

[Panel Presentation & Discussion]

15 May–Adrian Guiu & Aaron Hollander (University of Chicago)

“Spiritual Exercises, Contemplation of Creation, and Natural Science”

[Panel Presentation & Discussion]

23 May–Gianluigi Gugliermetto (Independent Researcher)

“Talking Queer: Sexual Theology for the Whole Church”

[Public Lecture & Discussion]

29 May–Dwight Hopkins (University of Chicago)

“Black Folk Tales: Theological Meaning of Performed Utterances”

[Barnabas Pusnur responding]


9 January–Evan Kuehn (University of Chicago)

“Schleiermacher’s Glaubenslehre and the Cry of Dereliction”

[Kyle Rader responding]

23 January–Andrew DeCort (University of Chicago)

“Theology as Freedom: Scripture, Sovereignty, Creationality, and Civilization”

[Julius Crump responding]

6 February–Marsaura Shukla (University of Chicago)

“Reading and Revelation in Hans Frei and David Tracy”

[Herbert Lin responding]

20 February–William Schweiker, Kristel Clayville, Rachel Watson (University of Chicago)

“Scriptures at the Faultlines”

[Panel Presentation & Discussion]

5 March–Michael Fishbane (University of Chicago)

“The Ethics of Sacred Attunement”

[Sam Shonkoff & Carly Lane responding]


4 October–John Chryssavgis (Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople)

“A New Heaven and a New Earth: Insights into an Eastern Orthodox Ecological Worldview”

[Public Lecture & Discussion]

17 October–Brett Colasacco (University of Chicago)

“A Patron Saint for Post-Humanism?  Francis of Assisi, Deep Ecology, and the Political Order.”

[Daniel Schultz responding]

31 October–Mary Emily Duba (University of Chicago)

“Place and Religious Anthropology”

[Jeff Fowler responding]

14 November–Dawn Nothwehr (Catholic Theological Union), Willa Lengyel (University of Chicago), Paul Heltne (Chicago Academy of Sciences)

“Existence and Extinction: Ecology, Ethics, and Theology Between Individual and Communal Mortality”

[Panel Presentation & Discussion]






5 October–Rick Elgendy (University of Chicago)

“Power, Complicity, and Resistance: Rereading ‘The Powers’ with Karl Barth and Michel Foucault”

[David Newheiser responding]

26 October— Joshua Daniel (University of Chicago)

“Cultivating Trust: A Pragmatist-Feminist Approach to Faith”

[Kyle Vander Meulen responding]

9 NovemberChristine Helmer (Northwestern University)

“The Postliberal Luther and the Liberal Schleiermacher”

[Mary Emily Duba responding]

16 November–Daniel Schultz (University of Chicago)

“The Queen’s Two Bodies: Theology in Force Without Signification”

[Jonathan Ziemba responding]

1 DecemberLinn Tonstad (Valparasio University)

” ‘Through a Critical Mimesis’ to God: A Butlerian Topography of the Trinitarian Imaginary”

[Larisa Reznik responding]

7 December–Devin O’Rourke (University of Chicago)

“Re-theologizing De-theologization: A Barthian Response”

[Tim Hiller responding]


11 January–Jessica Decou (University of Chicago)

“Affirmation or Abomination? Popular Entertainment and its Place in a Barthian Theology of Culture”

[Rick Elgendy responding]

25 January–Vince Evener (University of Chicago)

“Suffering and Truth in Martin Luther’s Break with the Roman Church”

[Evan Kuehn responding]

22 February–Antonia Daymond (University of Chicago)

“Moses!: Maleness and Masculinity in Black Liberation Hermeneutics”

[Jeff Fowler responding]

8 MarchRyan Coyne (University of Chicago)

“The End of Care: Carelessness and Temporality in the Late Heidegger”

[Daniel Schultz responding]

18 MarchMarius Timmann Mjaaland (University of Oslo)

“Immorality: Luther on Pride, Futility, and Self-Deception”

[Kyle Rader responding]

[Please note: We will meet at noon in S 400]


29 March–Kevin Vanhoozer (Wheaton College)

“Remythologizing Theology”

[David Newheiser responding]

5 April–Willemien Otten (University of Chicago)

“Creation and Epiphanic Incarnation. Reflections on the Future of Natural Theology from an Eriugenian-Emersonian Perspective”

[Joshua Daniel responding]

14 April–Nicholas Wolterstorff (Yale University) and Oliver O’Donovan (University of Edinburgh)

“Justice and Love in the Christian Tradition”

25 April–Karl Hefty (University of Chicago)

“Philosophy and God (or the Idea of God): A Subversion of the Ontological Argument”

[Joshua Connor responding]

16 May–Romain Dufêtre

“Anselm’s Ontological Argument: Criticism and Current Prospects”

23 May–David Newhesier (University of Chicago)

“Eckhart and Derrida on the Gift of Love”

[Aaron Hollander responding]


6 Oct – Rick Elgendy (University of Chicago)

“Liturgical Participation: John Howard Yoder and Charles Mathewes on a Christian Ethic of Contemporary Citizenship”

[Larisa Reznik responding]

13 Oct – Bruce Hindmarsh (Regent College), Swift Hall Common Room

“Wesley Agonistes and the Calvinist Sublime: The Early Evangelical Movement as a Devotional School”

[Co-sponsored by the History of Christianity Club and the Theology Workshop]

27 Oct – Kathryn Tanner (University of Chicago)

“Grace and Gambling”

[Rick Elgendy responding]

13 Nov – Inger Marie Lid (Oslo University College), Swift 200

“Human vulnerability and the image of God”

[Joshua Daniel responding]

1 Dec – Joseph Ballan (University of Chicago)


[Herbert Lin responding]


12 Jan – Kyle Rader (University of Chicago)

“Twelfth Century Monks, Divine Love, and the Place of Loss and Grief in Christian Life”

28 Jan – Timothy Hiller (University of Chicago)

“A Crisis for Ethics or Ethics in Crisis? Divine and Human Agency in Karl Barth’sEpistle to the Romans

[Jeff Fowler responding]

11 Feb – David Newheiser (University of Chicago)

“Time and the Responsibilities of Reading”

[Larisa Reznik responding]

22 Feb – Lee Palmer Wandel (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

“Fragmentation and Presence: Reformation Debates and Cultural Theory”

(Co-sponsored with the Renaissance Workshop and the Early Modern Workshop)

N.B.  This workshop will meet from 5-6:30pm in Rosenwald 405.

25 Feb – Kaitlin Magoon (University of Chicago)

“‘No question remains’:  Theological Reflections on Philosophical Explanation  and Existential Wonder After Wittgenstein”

4 March – Lisa Barca (University of Chicago)

“Temporality and the Poetics of Transcendence in Dickinson, Montale, and Rilke”

[Kaitlin Magoon responding]


6 April – Richard Land (president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission), in the Swift Hall third floor lecture room

“Christians, Public Policy, and Church and State Separation”

[Rick Elgendy, Clark Gilpin, and Kathryn Tanner responding]

13 April – Josh Daniel (University of Chicago)

“The Creativity of Atonement in Josiah Royce’s Philosophy of Christianity”

[Kyle Rader responding]

20 April – Cabell King (University of Chicago)

“Bestimmung: Situated Anthropology in Wolfhart Pannenberg”

[Tim Hiller responding]

26 April – David Tracy (University of Chicago)

“Western Hermeneutics and Inter-Religious Dialogue”

[Jeff Fowler responding]

28 April – Symposium on “Caritas in Veritate”

William Cavanaugh (University of St. Thomas); David Nirenberg (University of Chicago); Patrick Deneen (Georgetown University)

4:30 pm, Swift Hall, 3rd Floor Lecture Hall

(co-sponsored with the Lumen Christi Institute)

6 May – Kris Culp (University of Chicago)

“Vulnerability and Glory: A Theological Account”

[Josh Daniel responding]

11 May – Mike Sohn (University of Chicago)

“Levinas and Sensation”

[Nathan Phillips responding]

12 May – Paul Griffiths (Duke University)

(co-sponsored with the Lumen Christi Institute)

18 May – Marsaura Shukla (University of Chicago)

“The Function of Reading in Recent Theology”

[Larisa Reznik responding]

27 May – Simon Critchley (The New School)

“You are not Your Own: On the Nature of Faith”

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“Wesley Agonistes and the Calvinist Sublime: The Early Evangelical Movement as a Devotional School”