2023-2024 Schedule

Autumn Quarter

October 6: Andrew Ollett (UChicago, South Asian Languages and Civilizations), “The Context Principle in Indian Philosophy”.

October 20: Ryan Simonelli (UChicago), “The Meaning(s) of the Classical Connectives.”

November 3: Mikayla Kelley (UChicago), “A Contextual Accuracy Dominance Argument for Probabilism”.

November 17: Andrew Stone (UChicago), “Role-Playing Games and Varieties of Immersion”.

Winter Quarter

January 8*: Duygu Tunc (UChicago), “Individual and Collective Epistemic Virtue in Science: Learning from the Credibility Crisis”.
(*This is a joint meeting with the PPW taking place from 10:30am to 12:30pm Monday Jan 8 in Wieboldt Hall 408).

January 19: Sarale Ben Asher (UChicago), “Socrates’ Definitions of Shape and the Shape of Socratic Definition”.

February 2: Aidan Gray (UIC), “Intransitive Coordination”.

February 16: John Marvin (UChicago), “Doing Mathematics as an Empirical Method for the Philosophy Thereof”.

March 1: Jacob McDowell (UChicago), “John Dupré on Essence, Meaning, and Reference”.

Spring Quarter

March 22: Chris Kennedy (UChicago, Linguistics), “Pragmatic Indecision”.

April 12: Jane Friedman (NYU), “The Interrogative Structure of Inquiry”.

May 10: Michael Powell (UChicago),”‘You’ and ‘I’ in Conversation”.

May 17: Samuel Wheeler (UChicago), “Wittgenstein on Misleading, but Irreplaceable, Pictures: Logical Necessity and Mathematical Series”.




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