2021-2022 Schedule

Autumn Quarter

October 22: Greg Brown (UChicago), “Reasoning and Rationale”

November 5: Paskalina Bourbon (UChicago), “Inductive vs. Analogical Reasoning”

November 19: Peter van Elswyck (UWM), “Hedging and the Epistemology of Testimony”

December 3: John Proios (UChicago), “Identity and Difference in Kind: Pleasure at the Beginning of the Philebus

Winter Quarter 

January 14: Megan Hyska (Northwestern), “What Is Social Organization?”

January 28: Tom Pashby (UChicago), TBA

February 11: Kristen de Mann (UChicago), TBA

February 25: Eamon Duede (UChicago), “Deep Learning Agents and Scientific Groups”

March 11: Andrew Stone (UChicago), TBA

Spring Quarter

April 1: Maegan Fairchild (Northwestern), TBA

April 15: Kevin Davey (UChicago), “On Inferring Explanations”

April 29: Ben Levinstein (UIUC), “Decision Theory and Diachronic Rationality”

May 6: Melina Garibović (Chicago), “Empathy as a Window into Other Minds”

May 13: Laura Callahan (Notre Dame), “Epistemic Subjectivism and Changing Frameworks”

May 20: Sam Segal (Chicago), “The Aim of Testimony”

May 27: Maggie Sandholm (UChicago), TBA



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