2022-2023 Schedule

Autumn Quarter

October 7: Laura Callahan (University of Notre Dame) “New and Improved: Pessimism about Testimony’s Role in Developing Understanding”

November 4: Paskalina Bourbon (UChicago), “Breaking with ‘Taking’: Towards a Reconception of ‘the’ Problem of Inference”

November 11: Andrew Stone (UChicago), “The Conative Imagination”

November 18: Snow Zhang (UC Berkeley) “Why Image?”

Winter Quarter 

January 13: Marya Schechtman (UIC), “Time in a Bottle: Memory, Narrative, and Personal Identity”

February 10: Melina Garibovic (UChicago), “Empathy and Other Minds”

February 17: Andrew Beddow (UChicago), “The Ontological Argument, Skepticism, and the Objectivity of Knowledge”

February 24: Jason Bridges (UChicago), “Theoretical and Practical Inference”

Spring Quarter

March 31: Michael Kremer (UChicago), “What was¬†Ryle’s ‘concept of mind’?”

April 21: Rachel Goodman (UIC)

May 5: Jacob McDowell (UChicago)

May 19: Sharon Berry (Indiana University Bloomington)



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