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YouChicago Biospecimen Collection Protocol

Advancing translational cancer research through the collection of high-quality biospecimens with clinical annotations

YouChicago Biospecimen Collection Protocol

Who Are We?

The majority of biospecimens are currently collected under Investigator-Initiated Protocols. However, UChicago Medicine is committed to the equitable collection and distribution of biospecimens for the entire UChicago research community. To insure this, the YouChicago Biospecimen Collection Protocol was launched in 2018 with support from the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center (UCCCC).

YouChicago aims to facilitate translational cancer research by the entire UChicago research community by collecting biospecimens for future scientific purposes.

What Do We Do?

YouChicago consents primarily UChicago Medicine surgery patients under an institutional umbrella protocol for the donation of leftover solid tumor tissue and blood specimens that are linked to clinical data. The protocol also collects fresh surgical tissue for the generation of organoids and cell lines. 

Biospecimens are processed, stored, tracked, and retrieved by the Human Tissue Resource Center (HTRC).


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