Gear Rentals

Gear Rental & Usage Policies

All members of the University of Chicago community can rent gear from the OAC for camping trips or other outdoor adventures. Gear we have available includes: ​tents, sleeping bags, mats, stoves, backpacks, climbing equipment, and more.

The Outdoor Adventure Club charges a small fee to cover the cost of maintaining and replacing gear. We require a deposit ​(given back to you upon return of gear) and a rental fee ​either as separate checks or cash in labeled envelopes.​ For non-members, the rental fee is 30% of the deposit. For OAC members, the rental fee is 10% of the deposit. You must already be a member for the current academic quarter for the reduced rate to apply. If you’re interested in becoming a member, please fill out this form and email a board member to arrange a time to give them the form and the $15 membership fee. Membership must be renewed annually.

Check out our gear inventory for deposit and rental prices.

E­mail a gear manager to check the availability and rental rates for other gear that may not be listed above.

Gear Managers
Rachel Wang

Rachel Wang

Gear Manager

Yao Xen Tan

Yao Xen Tan

Assistant Gear Manager
Joshua O'neil

Joshua O'neil

Gear Manager

Rental Procedure

1. Reservation

Fill out this form.

2. Contact Gear Managers

Email the gear managers a week or more in advance of your trip to arrange a time for pickup.

2. Pickup

You will meet a gear manager to pick­up your rental at:

Ida Noyes Hall Lobby​: 1212 E 59th St, Chicago, IL 60637

Please be on time.​ Make sure to bring:

  1. The rental deposit ​(check to “The University of Chicago”, or cash in labeled envelope);
  2. The rental fee​ (cash or check).

Please let us know immediately of any gear damage before use or during your trip to make sure you are not charged an unwarranted penalty.

3. Return

Gear should be returned to Ida Noyes at a date and time pre­determined with gear managers. There will be spot­check inspections of the gear upon return. The following may lead to you forfeiting your deposit and/or repairing or replacing the item in question:


  • All items must be returned in the proper bags that they came in so that the next person using them will get the right gear.
  • Sleeping bags should be washed (washing instructions here) prior to return.


The Outdoor Adventure Club reserves the right to deduct a portion of the deposit under the following conditions:


  • Late Return:​ At the time of gear-checkout, you will be required to give a return date for the gear. If you can’t make this date, reschedule with a gear manager. If you are late to return gear or do not show up at the appointed time, late fees will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Unwashed Sleeping Bags: I​f sleeping bags are not washed: $5 per bag.
  • Damage: ​If gear is damaged, depending on the severity of damage, deposit might be forfeited. You will be asked to pay for replacement if damage is irreparable.
  • Lost: ​You will be asked to pay the cost of replacement. Make sure items such as tent stakes and all stove parts make it back in the bag.