Spring 2011 Schedule

April 5:  Emily Wilson (Classics, PAMW)

“The Odeion of Pericles, the East, and the Empire of Athens”

April 8-10: Theogonies Conference: “Imagined Beginnings: The Poetics and Politics of Cosmogony, Theogony and Anthropogony in the Ancient World“

Apr. 19:  Jas Elsner

“Sarcophagi, Rhetoric and Shifting Paradigms of Praise”

Apr. 26: John Weisweiler

“Honorific Statues, Imperial Cult and Senatorial Identity in Late-Antique Rome”

May 13: Aristophanes mini-Conference: Kassandra Jackson (PAMW), Erica Jeck (History)

May 17: Amy Genova (History)

“Vernacular Architecture of the Elymi: A Comparative Study of Iron Age Northwestern Sicily”

May 24: Jacobo Myerston (PAMW)

“A Comparative Study of the Derveni Papyrus and Assyrian Commentaries on Cosmological Texts”

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