Winter 2012 Schedule

January 10: Joachim Quack, “”New Sources for Imhotep and His Veneration”

January 17: Paul Vadan, “Hellenism in the Wake of the Galatian Invasion”

January 24: Jean-Jacques Aubert, TBA

January 31: Felix  Pirson, “Pergamon and its Maritime Satellite Elaia: New Research on Urban Space and the Territory of a Hellenistic Capital”

February 3-4: CONFERENCE: The Urban Economy in the Roman World (Organized by Emanuel Meyer and Cam Hawkins). For conference schedule, see

February 14: Joe Manning, “At the intersection of law and economics: transaction costs and Ptolemaic governance”

February 21: Megan Nutzman, TBA

February 28: Josh Cannon, “”Transmission of Myth and Motif across the Bronze Age Aegean”

March 13: Edward Harris,  “A New Approach to Credit and Real Security in Classical Athens”


All workshops, unless otherwise noted, will be held at 3:30 pm in Classics 21

If you have any questions, please contact Kassandra Jackson at


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