Animus, the undergraduate Classical journal of the University of Chicago, publishes outstanding original work in the Classics and related fields. We hope to provide fellow undergraduate Classicists with the opportunity to have their works reviewed by peers in their field, both to their benefit and to the wider improvement of Classical scholarship.

Our Latest Edition

The third edition of Animus, published in Spring 2022, is now available to read online. This edition is the culmination of months of hard work from authors, artists, peer reviewers, copy editors, and our Animus editors, and we’re extremely proud to finally present Animus Classics Journal, volume 2, issue 2 to the world!

Fall Submissions for the Journal

Submissions for the Fall 2022 issue of our journal will open in September! We welcome submissions surrounding the field of the Classical and Ancient Mediterranean world as well as its reception. We accept translations, academic papers, visual art, and creative writing.

Submissions for Our Blog

Referencing our Submissions guide, enter your pieces for consideration in our blog, with pieces to be published throughout the year.

Reach Out to the Editors

Have questions or comments about the journal or blog? Contact us via email at animus@uchicago.edu.

Latest From the Animus Blog

Aristophanes’s Nukterides

GABRIELA GARCIA University of ChicagoContent warning: explicit language and discussion of sexual topics Note: this is a work of fiction. Produced at the Lenaia in 413, Nukterides (The Bats) is Aristophanes’s paratragic take on Sophocles’s Antigone. It opens with...

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