About Animus

What is Animus?

Animus, the undergraduate Classical journal of the University of Chicago, publishes outstanding original work in the Classics and related fields. Supporting study of the Classical world through multiple platforms—our journal and our online blog—we seek to present wide-ranging undergraduate scholarship to a broad audience. Publishing not only academic papers, but also translations, creative works and visual art, we endeavor to create a dialogue between traditional and reception-based approaches to scholarship on ancient cultures and the Classical world. We hope to provide fellow undergraduate Classicists with the opportunity to have their works reviewed by peers in their field, both to their benefit and to the wider improvement of Classical scholarship.


Find out how Animus engages and publishes undergraduate research.

Animus Journal

Animus is, first and foremost, an academic journal seeking to publish outstanding undergraduate research centering on Classical works, figures, events, and ideas. Each piece submitted to our journal is put through a rigorous double-blind peer review system, then is reviewed by our Staff and Board. In an effort to promote the continued study of the Classics, we send anonymized feedback, written by our peer reviewers, to authors at the conclusion of the review process. 

The first edition of Animus‘ journal was published in Spring 2021.

Animus Blog

Our online blog is a space for pieces that are better suited for a virtual platform. This might include shorter articles on the intersection of current events and the Classics, or creative works. Complete submissions guidelines for the blog are available on the Submissions page.


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