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Our Research

The immune system is an intricate constellation of cells that protects an individual from pathogen infection and cancer. However, when not regulated properly, immune cells can cause disease such as autoimmunity, immune deficiency or leukemia, lymphoma and immune proliferative disorders.

Our lab investigates the molecular mechanisms that control immune cell development and function and the consequences of failed regulation of these mechanisms. We use a combination of in vivo genetic modification (using conventional and CRISPR technologies) combined with high throughput methods for analysis of gene expression, genome accessibility and transcription factor binding to determine how specific transcription factors guide appropriate immune cell function.

Current projects are focused in two areas: 

  1. The mechanisms controlling innate-like lymphocyte maturation, location and response to viral infection and cancer
  2. The intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms underlying T lymphocyte progenitor leukemogenesis.