The Biological Sciences Diversity Equity Inclusion and Justice Retreat

Looking Back and Thinking Forward: Developing a Diverse Faculty

The Premise of the Program

The Biological Sciences Division is constantly striving to create new knowledge on the cutting edge of research and technology. To do so effectively we must also constantly research and repair systematic disparities, including those that our division directly confronts. These systemic inequities often go unnoticed as they are embedded in our policies, practices, traditions and norms. During our annual Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Retreat, we take a step back and examine our practices and our culture to identify and disentangle institutional racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism from the work we do. The retreat serves as an opportunity to pause and ask hard questions, examine the sociological literature that guides our growth, and listen to the leaders and change makers who are already doing the work here on campus.

Join us on June 5th, together we can look back and learn from our past and think forward to build a more diverse academy for the future.

The Programming

This year we’ve chosen to focus on two areas for examination and improvement. Student Support Resources and Faculty Hiring and Diversification. Attendees can engage in either of these workshop tracks which will present an opportunity to reflect on how the BSD has approached challenges in the past and develop new approaches we can implement going forward.

Present your DEI Work at our Poster Session!

DEI work is an integral part of re-shaping our division. The students, faculty and staff who get involved, both inside and beyond the university, are setting the standard for engaged scientists. To recognize that effort and teach our peers how to get involved, we’d love to see your projects presented as posters! It’s not just lab work that counts here, it’s the outreach, the science communication, the teaching, the tutoring, and so much more.
The core of the DEIJ retreat is our DEI Fair and Poster Session from 11:30-1:30 pm in the KCBD Lobby! DEI groups and organizations will have tables and DEI projects will be presented as research posters.

Recruit New Membership & Volunteers to Your DEI Organization!

Organizing is critical to extending and maximizing our impact, but getting the word out can be hard. At the DEIJ Retreat’s DEI Fair and Poster Session, you can network with BSD students, faculty and staff to recruit new people power to your group!

Simply register for a table using the registration link, it’s 100% Free!

The People

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