Cognition Emotion Neuroscience Laboratory

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If you want to get involved with CENSL, please contact Dr. Keedy at


5801 S Ellis Ave, Chicago IL
University of Chicago Medical Center

We would love to hear from you!

Interested as an undergraduate?

The lab requires that you are able to commit to at least 3 consecutive quarters and have completed your first year at the University of Chicago.

Common majors and research interests

The CENSL lab accepts people from many different scientific backgrounds whose interests align with the work being conducted in the lab. We just ask that you have a passion for learning more about the brain and human behavior.

What kind of work can be expected?

Our lab is currently conducting multiple studies focused around human behavior and cognition. As a lab member you would have the opportunity to work on clinical studies, data analysis, human data collection, and more.

Skills we look for

We value team members who are communicative, flexible, comfortable with patient interactions, organized, and enthusiastic about science!