I’m a doctoral student in Behavioral Science program working with Dr. Christopher J. Bryan at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Much of my research focuses on leveraging desires for social justice and autonomy to motivate healthy eating habits, civic engagement, and overall critical reflection on what influences our everyday choices.

I have a background in using psychological design methods to implement and evaluate intervention programs that consider how belief systems and contextual factors influence behavioral trajectories. I am currently studying how to use participatory action research methods to better incorporate the needs, wants, and lived experiences of groups at the center of current social problems into intervention designs. I am also interested in:

how people come to understand the structural forces that perpetuate socioeconomic inequity and racial disparities
how causal attributions of social problems influence public policy opinion and political attitudes
how social movements impact the psychological processes underlying group attitudes and behavior change

As a scholar, I aim to help strengthen connections between academia and local communities through collaborative, action-oriented projects in an effort to improve accessibility to research, support community-building initiatives, and inform public policy solutions that better serve historically marginalized communities.