CV (Updated: Nov 2022)

Research interests

critical racial equity narratives, psychological and behavioral interventions, value-based motivation, prosocial behavior, adolescent psychology, participatory action research, human-centered design

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


Can Teenage Defiance Be Manipulated for Good? – Amanda Ripley (NYT, 2016)

Yeager, D. S., Hanselman, P., Walton, G. M., Murray, J. S., Crosnoe, R., Muller, C., Tipton, E., Schneider, B., Hulleman, C. S., Hinojosa, C. P., Paunesku, D., Romero, C., Flint, K., Roberts, A., Trott, J., Iachan, R., Buontempo, J., Man Yang., S., Carvalho, C. M., Hahn., P. R., Gopalan, M., Mhatre, P., Ferguson, R., Duckworth, A. L., & Dweck, C. S. (2019). A national experiment reveals where a growth mindset improves achievement. Nature. doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1466-y

Awarded: Best Publication from the 2020 Annual Behavioral Science and Policy Association Conference.

Bryan, C. J., Yeager, D. S., & Hinojosa, C. P. (2019). A values-alignment intervention protects adolescents from the effects of food marketing. Nature Human Behaviour. doi:10.1038/s41562-019-0586-6

Featured: Science that can change the world. (2019). Nature Human Behaviour, 3(6), 539. doi:10.1038/s41562-019-0642-2
Featured: Ripley, A. Can Teenage Defiance Be Manipulated for Good? The New York Times.
Available at

Bryan, C. J., Yeager, D.S., Hinojosa, C. P., Chabot, A., Bergen, H., Kawamura, M., & Steubing, F. (2016). Harnessing adolescent values to motivate healthier eating. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(39), 10830-10835. doi:10.1073/pnas.1604586113

Yeager, D. S., Romero, C., Paunesku, D., Hulleman, C. S., Schneider, B., Hinojosa, C., Lee, H. Y., O’Brien, J., Flint, K., Roberts, A., Trott, J., Greene, D., Walton, G.M., & Dweck, C. S. (2016). Using design thinking to improve psychological interventions: The case of the growth mindset during the transition to high school. Journal of Educational Psychology, 108(3), 374-391. doi:10.1037/edu0000098


Other Publications

Hinojosa, C. P., Yeager, D. S., & Bryan, C. J. (2016, November 28). The new evidence-based way to teach healthy eating. Scholastic Choices Ideabook. Available at

Yeager, D. S., Hinojosa, C. P., & Bryan,C. J. (2016, September 21). Our traditional approach to nutrition education does nothing for teens. The Dallas Morning News. Available at

Hinojosa, C. P. (2014). The association of neighborhood safety with delinquency and academic achievement. The University of Texas Ronald E. McNair Research Journal, Spring 2014 Cohort, 5. Available at


Undergraduate Honors Theses

“Ostracism as a Motivator for Peer Imitation”

Supervisors: Drs. Cristine H. Legare, Jennifer M. Clegg, and Catherine Echols
The University of Texas at Austin
Psychology Honors Program; Evolution, Variation, and Ontogeny of Learning Lab

An experimental field study on the influence of first-party ostracism on peer imitation in early childhood. Children’s perceived social support and friendship quality are examined as contextual social buffers on the pressure to imitate one’s peers.
“Providing Purpose for Healthy Eating in Adolescents”

Supervisors: Drs. David S. Yeager, Chris J. Bryan, and Catherine Echols
The University of Texas at Austin
Psychology Honors Program; Adolescent Development Research Group

A double-blind, placebo-controlled evaluation of a novel adolescent intervention for that aligns healthy eating with the developmentally appropriate values of autonomy and prosocial purpose by exposing how manipulative food industry practices take advantage of vulnerable populations.