Research Opportunities

Bringing cognitive science students and researchers together for collaboration helps expand our understanding of cognition and supports the field’s growth and prominence.
If you would like to list openings at your lab or other research-related events, please email Professor Melinh Lai at

Research is the heart of an interdisciplinary field such as cognitive science. Below is a list of research labs spanning the core disciplines of the Cognitive Science Major that students may contact for research opportunities. Click the name of each lab to open its website in a new tab.

Awh Vogel Lab

Director: Ed Awh and Ed Vogel


Research interests: working memory, attention, electrophysiology

Bakkour Memory and Decision Lab

Director: Akram Bakkour

Email:; RA interest form

Research interests: memory, decision-making, fMRI, eye tracking, computational modeling 

Brain Bridge Lab

Director: Wilma Bainbridge


Research interests: visual memory, memorability, scene perception, face memory, real-world memory

Chatter Lab

Director: Maria Casillas


Research interests: language development; interactional pragmatics; conversation; cross-cultural comparison

Data Cognition Lab

Director: Alex Kale


Research interests: design of data visualization & analysis, inferences, decisions, and value judgments

Development of Social Cognition Lab

Director: Katherine Kinzler

Contact: (contact lab manager Isabella Ramkissoon)

Research interests: development of social cognition, accent attitudes

Freedman Lab

Director: David J. Freedman


Research interests: Neural circuit mechanisms of vision and cognition

Goldin-Meadow Lab

Director: Susan Goldin-Meadow


Research interests: creating language, learning language, co-speech gesture, silent gesture

Human-Robot Interaction Lab

Director: Sarah Sebo


Research interests: human-robot interaction

Language, Events, and Mind (LEM) Lab

Director: Monica L. Do

Contact: RA interest form

Research interests: psycholinguistics, language production, event cognition, sentence production, experimental linguistics

Language Processing Lab

Director: Ming Xiang


Research interests: language processing (syntactic parsing, semantic and pragmatics processing), neuroscience of language, working memory, language variation and change

Memory and Perception in Schizophrenia (MAPS) Lab

Director: Molly Erickson

Contact: RA interest form

Research interests: Visual working memory and perception in people with schizophrenia and other forms of serious mental illness

Neurophysiology of experience, memory, and knowledge

Director: Jai Yu


Research interests: Learning and memory, Neural circuits, Behavior, Hippocampus, Prefrontal cortex, neural oscillations

Phonology Lab

Director: Alan Yu


Research interests: Speech processing and speech production, the nature of linguistic representation, language variation and change

Motivation and Cognition Neuroscience Lab

Director: Yuan Chang Leong

Contact: RA interest form (scroll to undergraduate section)

Research interests: Cognitive Neuroscience, Motivation, Emotion, Decision-Making, Computational Modeling, Natural Language Processing

Shereen Chaudhry


Research interests: social interactions and relationships,  language and speech, game theory, conflict management, negotiations, teamwork, customer satisfaction

Sign Language Lab

Director: Diane Brentari


Research interests: sign languages, gesture, language emergence, phonology, morphology

Social cognitive neuroscience laboratory

Director: Jean Decety


Research interests: behavioral economics, developmental psychology, emotion and empathy, functional and structural neuroimaging, morality and social decision-making, political psychology and neuroscience, psychopathy, social neuroscience, social norms

Speech Perception and Production Lab

Director: Melissa Baese-Berk


Research interests: phonology, phonetics, speech perception, speech production, second language acquisition

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