Buddhism, Thought, and Civilization: A Memorial Symposium for Steven Collins

November 15-16th, 2018

This symposium in celebration of our colleague, Steven Collins, is not planned as a purely retrospective event.  Instead, it is an engagement with the major ideas of Steve’s work by a representative group of his colleagues and students, from the University of Chicago and elsewhere.  While the symposium can, should, and will involve opportunities to share personal reminiscences, it will also be an occasion for eminent scholars in the field as well as early-career researchers to reflect on the persistent foci of Steve’s scholarship – reconstruction of past forms of systematic thought, the historical study of world civilizations, and “the very idea” of a Buddhist religion – as they continue to catalyze and provoke thinking across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Presented with support of the Divinity School, the Division of the Humanities, and the Franke Institute for the Humanities. For more information, please e-mail southasia@uchicago.edu