2015 – 2016 Schedule


  • OCTOBER 21, 2015: SEAN COYNE, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, The endocrinology of sexual maturation in newly adolescent female rhesus macaques 
  • NOVEMBER 4, 2015: *LUKE GLOWACKI, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Collective violence in chimpanzees and humans
  • NOVEMBER 18, 2015: ERIN CABLE, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Happy hour? Reproduction and fertility in the absence of a functional circadian clock


  • JANUARY 13, 2016: *PETER WREGE, ELEPHANT LISTENING PROJECT, CORNELL, Hidden Beasts: Eavesdropping on Forest Elephants
  • JANUARY 27, 2016: *DEEANN REEDER, BUCKNELL, UNIVERSITY,  Ecophysiology, Disease, and Biodiversity in North American and African Bats
  • FEBRUARY 3, 2016: Z. YAN WANG, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Sex, death, and bioinformatics: Tales from the Octopus Genome & Transcriptomes
  • FEBRUARY 10, 2016: *TERI ORR, UNIVERSITY OF UTAH/MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST, From form to function: female sperm storage and male anatomy
  • FEBRUARY 24, 2016: JASON WARK, LINCOLN PARK ZOO, The Influence of the Sound Environment on Zoo-housed Callitrichine Monkeys
  • MARCH 9, 2016: KATIE CRONIN, LINCOLN PARK ZOO,  Integrating cognitive and behavioral research to evaluate the welfare of primates in sanctuaries and zoos


  • APRIL 1, 2015: SAM SCHULTE, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Animal Encounters in the The Unwild or What is it like to hold down a baby monkey: On metaphysical excess, and ‘the three Rs’ as paradoxes of authority (in collaboration with the ANIMAL/NONHUMAN WORKSHOP)
  • APRIL 5-6, 2016: *MARLENE ZUK, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA,  Rapid Evolution in Silence: Adaptive signal loss in the Pacific field cricket & Gender, Science, and Myths of Merit
  • APRIL 20, 2016: *DENISE HERZING, WILD DOLPHIN PROJECT, Dolphin Behavior and Communication: Tools, Technology, and Time
  • MAY 4, 2016: ANNA CZUPRYNA, LINCOLN PARK ZOO, Tails from the Serengeti: Domestic dog demography in rural villages in Tanzania   
  • MAY 18, 2016: ROBERTO MARQUEZ, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, How and why did poison frogs get yellow?
  • MAY 25, 2016: STACY ROSENBAUM, LINCOLN PARK ZOO, Dads and cads? Parenting, testosterone, and reproductive success in male mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei)
  • JUNE 1, 2016: *JASON MUNSHI-SOUTH, FORDHAM UNIVERSITY, A Tale of Two Rodents: Evolution of deer mice and rats in New York City

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