Integrated Light Microscopy Core


We welcome users from outside the University of Chicago campus. External users will need to provide a standing purchase order and PI and grants administrator contact Information in advance. External rates may apply.

Northwestern and the University of Illinois at Chicago are members of the Chicago Biomedical Consortium and as such are entitled to internal / UChicago user rates.

Members of the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center receive a subsidy when using the Integrated Microscopy Core Facility.


Service Unit Internal* External Description
Leica Stellaris8 confocal Hour $42.44 $66.20  
Leica SP8 confocal Hour $42.44 $66.20  
Leica SP5 2-photon Hour $42.44 $66.20  
Leica SP5 STED CW Hour $42.44 $66.20  
Marianas confocal Hour $31.83 $49.65  
Fluoview 1000 Hour $31.83 $49.65  
Caliber confocal Hour $30.00 $48.15  
Fixed-Sample DSU confocal Hour $21.22 $33.10  
Live DSU confocal Hour $21.22 $33.10  
Axioskop Hour $21.22 $33.10  
Axiovert 135 Hour $21.22 $33.10  
Axiovert 200 Hour $21.22 $33.10  
IX81 microscope Hour $21.22 $33.10  
Stereomicroscope Hour $21.22 $33.10  
VivaView Hour $5.30 $8.28  
Lightsheet SPIM Hour $12.57 $19.60  
Lattice Lightsheet Hour $30.00 $48.15  
LaVision LS Hour $30.00 $48.15  
Leica GSD-3D Hour $31.83 $49.65  
Training Fee Person $20.00 $31.20 Max. 2 trainees + microscope time
Consulting Hour $31.83 $49.65  
dellArivisWS Hour $5.30 $8.27  
Imaris Workstation Hour $5.30 $8.27  
Workstation Hour $3.19 $4.98  
Glass Bottom Dishes Sleeve $20 $31.20 sleeve of 10 sterile, uncoated
Zeiss coverslips Box $5.50 $8.58 box of 1000, 18mm x 18mm #1.5 uncoated

* UChicago users with certain Center grant memberships are eligible for Center grant copayments


Service Name Unit Description Internal External
Small Histology Scan Slide less than or equal to 25mm $5.30 $8.28
Large Hisology Scan Slide greater than 25mm $10.61 $16.55
TMA Histology Scan Slide tissue microarray (any size) $15.91 $24.83
Slide Flip-Scan Slide flipping a slide to scan near label area $3.71 $5.78
Fluoroscan-1-Color Slide less than or equal to 25mm, single color $10.61 $16.51
Fluoroscan-1-Color-Large Slide greater than 25mm, single color $15.91 $24.83
Fluoroscan-Extra-Color Channel less than or equal to 25mm, each additional color $3.19 $4.98
Fluoroscan-Extra-Color-Large Channel greater than 25mm, each additional color $5.30 $8.28
Z-stack     +50% of scan cost +50% of scan cost
Rush Fee   any slide type 3x normal cost 3x normal cost
Scan Prep Charge   cleaning excessive mouting media, etc. on any slide type $3.19 $4.98

We are happy to scan slides shipped to us from outside users; our rates take into consideration the University’s indirect costs. Please contact us for information on how to ship your slides to the facility. We will ask you to provide a FexEx account number to cover return shipping costs.
Please note if you want your DAPI scanned it counts as a color channel. For example, DAPI + GFP = two colors.


Incident Fine
Oil on objective $100 per objective per incident
Damaged objective Half the cost of a new objective ($2000-$16,000 depending on objective)
Microscope left on overnight Person who scheduled the last session will be charged hourly fee for time left on + repair cost for any resulting damage, and possible loss of scheduler privileges
Missed appointment (one hour rule), first two in a month $40 each incident
Missed appointment (one hour rule), beyond two in month $40 each + hourly fee for reserved time, and possible loss of scheduler privileges
Appointment cancellation within 12 hrs. or less of scheduled start time, beyond one in month Use charges for 50% of reserved microscope time, and possible loss of scheduler privileges

There are no center grant discounts on fines