The Cyclotron Facility was designed by Richard Freifelder (University of Chicago, formally of Penn), Adam Runkle (Penn) and Eric Bohn who is a partner in the architectural firm of JacobsWyper.  JacobsWyper specializes in BSL II and III laboratories, pharmaceutical production facilities, virus, and vaccine laboratories.  JacobsWyper worked on the expansion of Cyclotron Facility at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) in 2008-2010.    Other projects of JacobsWyper can be seen at their website.  The Facility was built by Johansson Construction Company working closely with the University of Chicago Medicine’s Facilities Planning, Design, & Construction Group.  Managment of the construction project was provided by William Dawes, AIA.

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Photograph of the Cyclotron in its vault with additional information about the cyclotron.
Photograph of the plug door entrance to the Cyclotron with information about the concrete vault.

Five hot cells (lead lined, stainless steel clad, ISO Class 6 cells) receive the radioactivity and are where the radioactive drug is manufactured by remote control.

The Dispensing cleanroom is where the finished drug product is delivered to an ISO Class 5, laminar, vertical down-draft, aseptic cell. There the product is sterile filtered and a small sample of the drug is aseptically removed for Quality Control (QC) Testing.

The QC sample is removed from the Dispensing Cleanroom to the QC area. This is also where the operator sits. Glass wall panels and windows allow for excellent sight lines for safety and coordination.

The cyclotron is powered from the power supply room where is can also be operated from. Remote cameras allow monitoring the various power supplies from the operators console without having to walk over to the room.