Hindu Axioms

Anthropology Prof. McKim Marriott, Social Sciences Division,  

Biological Sciences

Project created for Dr. Daniel Ginat, Asst. Prof. of Radiology. Working one-on-one with Dr. Ginat, we created specific graphics that related to exactly what he was trying to teach, thus helping him get to studentsContinue reading


Project created for Elena Bashir, Senior Lecturer, South Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Working with Prof. Bashir’s illustrations (left), I created maps showing exactly the information she was trying to get across. I created custom mapsContinue reading


Project created for Prof. Nadine Moeller, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. I worked with Prof. Moller to create a series of custom maps for her research, publication, and educational needs. These maps were customized andContinue reading

Dept. of Chemistry

(Project created for Dr. Britni Ratliff) This project was one of my favorites. I was able to use all of my software skills. 2D, 3D, image editing, and video were all incorporated to bring thisContinue reading


(Project created for Prof. Chris Faraone, Classics) “This copper plaque was purchased in Egypt, probably near Luxor.  In the 1840s it was donated to the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris and eventually made its way intoContinue reading

Biological Sciences

Project created for Dr. Daniel Ginat, Asst. Prof. of Radiology. Working with Dr. Ginat, I created a 3D custom graphic (above). This image helped Dr. Ginat by representing precisely the information he needed for teachingContinue reading

Biological Sciences

Project created for Dr. Richard P. Kraig, BSD, Neurology.   These visualizations were used to better explain the chemical releases produced in the bloodstream from muscles when certain drugs are introduced and their corresponding effects onContinue reading

Biological Sciences

Project created for Dr. Fernando Goldenberg, BSD, Neurology. An extremely important series of animations and graphics used to teach thousands of incoming students and outgoing doctors about the importance of proper apnea testing for possible brainContinue reading

Biological Sciences

Project created for Prof. Peggy Mason, BSD, Neurobiology. These visualizations were used to enhance the online course and better explain what Peggy was trying to teach. The concepts were complicated, and a picture in aContinue reading

Booth School of Business

Project created for John Cochrane, AQR Capital Management Prof. of Finance. The animated graphs and retouched whiteboard images from course lectures and sessions (accessed as PDFs) helped enhance the overall online experience for the students. PDFsContinue reading

Social Sciences

(Project created for Prof. Thomas Holt, Dept. of History and the College) Professor Holt needed custom maps for his book Children of Fire (Hill and Wang, 2011). I was given maps that showed precisely whatContinue reading

Graham School Muslim Languages

Project created for Adrian De Gifis, Ph. D., Graham School Muslim Languages.  Faced with oversaturated maps incorporating needless information overlays when preparing instructional materials for his online course, Adrian De Gifis wanted to develop moreContinue reading

Music and the College

Project created for Richard Cohn, Professor in Music and the College. This 3D model shown above was used to enhance the understanding of Voice-Leading Spaces for students. It was created in 3D and exported as aContinue reading

Biomedical Sciences

Project created for Jose Quintans, M.D., Ph.D., Biological Sciences Collegiate Division and the College. This project on LUCA and LECA representation had three parts:  1. Prof. Quintans and I worked to create 3D LUCA (lastContinue reading

Oriental Institute

Project created for John and Peggy Sanders, Oriental Institute I created the Temple of Poseidon for Peggy Sanders and the Oriental Institute. She was interested in reconstructing the temple at different points in history. Peggy suppliedContinue reading

3D U of C Campus

University of Chicago 3D Campus 10+ years ago I started creating a 3D campus using Sketch Up and Google Earth. It was a pet project that I knew would be of value as time andContinue reading