DHCS 2019


All conference events will be held at the David and Reva Logan Center for the Arts on November 9 and 10.  Schedule may be subject to change.

Saturday, November 9

Check-in & Light Breakfast (Performance Penthouse)

First Session
Panel 1 – Game Studies (Classroom 802)
“Promises and Practices of Medical Game Design”: Samantha Bond, University of Illinois at Chicago
“Discussion Hero: A Gamified Discussion Board”: Jacob Martinez, David S. Noffs, and Jacob Collins, Northwestern University
“Piles of Candy, Piles of Sacrificed Bodies: How HIV Activist Art Speaks to Digital Gaming”: Michael DeAnda, DePaul University

Panel 2 – Community Building (Performance Penthouse)
“Collaboration and Vision: The Digital Humanities Initiative at UIC”: Brian Atkinson and Hannah Huber, University of Illinois at Chicago
“Progressive Technicality: Designing an extensible, convertible digital edition interface for various audiences of “The Pulter Project”: Matthew Taylor, Wendy Wall, Sergei Kalugin, Katie Poland, Northwestern University; Leah Knight, Brock University
“What Makes Strong Communities in Digital Humanities Projects”: Margaret Heller, Loyola University Chicago


Second Session
Panel 3 – Natural Language Processing and Authorship Attribution (Classroom 802)
“Similar Topics, Dissimilar Writers? A Translation-Based Study”: Patrick Juola, Duquesne University
“‘Reading DT Leaves’: A Digital Analysis of ‘Lyrical’ Fiction”: Timothy Schott, University of Virginia
“Establishing a Workflow for Authorship Attribution in Neo-Latin Texts”: James Clawson, Grambling State University
“Author Profiling, The Writing Style of Rwandans”: Clarisse Illibagiza Umulisa, Duquesne University

Panel 4 – Amplifying Voices: Gender and Sexuality (Performance Penthouse)
“The Great American (Male) ‘Writer at Work’: A Digital Analysis of Gender and Race in the Paris Review Interviews”: Sarah Fay, Northwestern University
“Visual Mapping, Text Mining, and Close Reading: Virginia Woolf’s Queer London in Mrs. Dalloway”: Heejoung Shin, Oakton Community College
“Voices from Mundelein: Media Portal”: Janette Clay and Nathan Ellstrand, Loyola University Chicago

Lunch & Poster Session (Performance Penthouse and Mezzanine)

Workshop (Performance Penthouse)
Textual Optics Lab, University of Chicago

Keynote Address (Performance Penthouse)
“Academic Insurgency: A New Genealogy of Digital Scholarship”
Roopika Risam, Salem State University

Reception (Terrace Seminar Room 801)

Sunday, November 10

Check-in & Light Breakfast (Performance Penthouse)

Third Session
Panel 5 – Evaluating the Future (Performance Penthouse)
“FAIR DH: A Call to Action”: Mikala Narlock, University of Notre Dame
“The Social Work of Humanities Data Preservation”: Spencer Keralis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Tiny DH, or Digital Scholarly Practice a Novel at a Time with _Wandertext_”: Moacir P. de Sá Pereira, Columbia University

Panel 6 – Tools in Text Analytics (Terrace Seminar Room 801)
“The Distant Reader: A Tool for Reading”: Eric Lease Morgan, University of Notre Dame
“The William Blake Archive’s New Exhibition Space”: Michael Fox, University of Chicago and Joseph Fletcher, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
“SOTU-db: State of the Union Database”: Tyler Monaghan, Loyola University Chicago
“Textual Re-Modeling: TEI Transformation for Word Embedding Models”: Sarah Connell, Northeastern University


Fourth Session
Panel 7 – Amplifying Voices: Community and Narrative (Terrace Seminar Room 801)
“Who tells the ‘story’ ? Who ‘witnesses’? – Storytelling in Digital Humanities- A Reappraisal from South Asia”: Ananya Ghoshal, Indian Institute of Technology Indore
“Prospects and Perils of Digital Storytelling for Vulnerable Communities”: Christopher Mele, University of Buffalo
“Evaluating Narrative Framing with Media Cloud: Cambridge Analytica and Media Bias”: Madiha Zahrah Choksi, Columbia University

Panel 8 – New Approaches to Data (Performance Penthouse)
“Cultural Analytics using audio-space analysis of moving-image culture: a demonstration using the sitcom Friends”: Aalok Sathe, University of Richmond
“One City, Multiple Media: Quantitative Capture of the 2015-16 Season of ‘One Book One Chicago'”: Mihaela Stoica and John Shanahan, DePaul University
“There is more to networks than nodes and ties! A methodology for extracting character networks from medieval Arthurian Romances”: Nora Ketschik, Universität Stuttgart