Registering with SDS

Student Disability Services (SDS) welcomes students to self-identify as an individual with a disability. SDS staff will engage with you in an interactive process to identify necessary services and accommodations to ensure equitable access to University programs and services.

To complete your request for an accommodation, submit the online Student Disability Services Request Form in the AIM student portal. When access needs are not obvious or invisible, you must submit current disability documentation that meets SDS guidelines to establish eligibility.

SDS staff works in an expedient manner to assess your access needs and work with campus partners to implement approved accommodations. You are responsible for following the procedures outlined on this website for registering and using disability services and accommodations.

Steps for Registering with SDS

  1. Complete and submit the online Student Disability Services Request Form.
  2. Submit current and comprehensive disability documentation for your disability(ies). Review the SDS guidelines for disability documentation before requesting documentation from your health care professional. Disability documentation may not be needed for visible disabilities where the access need is obvious. Disability documentation can be uploaded with your Request for Accommodations Form in the AIM Student Portal.
  3. Meet with a SDS staff member to discuss the impact of your disability and potential accommodations and services to mitigate access barriers caused by your disability. The SDS staff will review your request and consult with campus partners as needed to determine whether or what accommodations would be appropriate.
  • College students will see all approved accommodations in the AIM Student Portal under their student profile.
  • Graduate students will receive an Accommodation Determination Letter that states the approved accommodations. Copies are shared with the area Dean of Students (or a designee) who will assist with the implementation of accommodations.
  1. The disability process is an interactive one. Contact SDS if your condition changes or if you would like to discuss other accommodation options.

The Importance of Advance Notice

Reviewing documentation and scheduling intake appointments can take approximately one to two weeks at the beginning of the quarter, depending on the volume of requests. Some accommodations, such as accessible formats and providing interpreters, can take several weeks to coordinate and schedule. To ensure that disability supports and services can be implemented in a timely manner, advance notice is necessary. 

Due to the large number of newly admitted student requests received throughout spring and early summer, students are encouraged to submit their requests and disability documentation by June 15 to allow for timely processing and implementation of their accommodations.

Although SDS receives and processes requests throughout the quarter, it is important to note that any requests received within the last two weeks of a quarter will be reviewed for eligibility for the following quarter, as late accommodation requests cannot be reviewed, coordinated, and implemented prior to the close of the quarter.