Oct 6: Héctor Varela Rios, “Florida Water”

Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 12:00-1:15pm (Swift 208)
Héctor M. Varela Rios

Florida Water: Meaningful and Messy Hybridity in the Atlantic Modern

Abstract: Florida Water, a perfume produced by a U.S. company for more than two centuries, has become a powerful signifier in Latin American communities. Agua Florida, as it is called in Spanish, is ubiquitous and polyvalent, used for cleaning the house, and, for some, for purifying the body and space in religious ritual. The paper explores Agua Florida’s cultural agency, inter-religious relevance, and quotidian liminality as an example of messy while meaningful hybridity.

Hank Owings will respond.

For a copy of the paper in advance, please email contact-global-christianities@lists.uchicago.edu

Lunch will be provided.

Co-sponsored with the Theology & Religious Ethics Workshop.

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