November 29th: Patrick Graham

Dear friends and colleagues,

This week we are pleased to be joined by Patrick Graham (PhD Student in History, UChicago) to discuss his paper titled “The Compter’s Commonwealth: Commercial Taxation and the Institutionalization of Public Debt in 17th-century England”. We will meet at the usual time, day, and place: Wednesday, November 29 from 4:30 – 6 pm in Pick Hall 105 (CISSR). The paper may be found below.


(William Turner. The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, 16 October 1834, 1835, The Cleveland Museum of Art)

November 15th: Robert Burgos

Dear friends and colleagues,

Please join us on Wednesday, November 15th, at Pick 105 (CISSR), from 4.30 to 6pm, as we welcome Robert Burgos (PhD candidate in History, UChicago) to discuss his text “‘Financing for Koreans, By Koreans’: The Industrial Bank of Osaka and Its Impacts on the Osaka Korean Community, 1955-2000.” You will find the text below.

(Ivan Albright. Fast Train Made Between Beppo to Osaka, Japan, 1967, The Art Institute of Chicago)

November 1st: Noam Maggor

Dear friends and colleagues,

Please join us on Wednesday, November 1st, at Pick 105 (CISSR), from 4.30 to 6pm, as we welcome Dr. Noam Maggor (Senior Lecturer in American History, Queen Mary University) to discuss his text “Escaping the Periphery: Railroad Regulation as American Industrial Policy.” You will find the text below.

(Alfred Stieglitz; The Railroad Yard, Winter; 1903)

Call for Papers: 2023-24

Dear colleagues,

The History and Theory of Capitalism Workshop is pleased to announce its call for papers for the 2023–24 academic year. We invite submissions from graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members using historical and/or theoretical lenses to advance our understanding of capitalism, broadly defined. We welcome submissions from disciplines across the humanities and social sciences and especially encourage those applying interdisciplinary methods and insights. Workshop papers may be drafts of dissertation chapters, journal articles, book chapters, and dissertation proposals.


Nuclear I, CH (1945) by László Moholy-Nagy


If you are interested in presenting, please email Dominiquo Santistevan ( and Eduardo Romero ( with the subject line [HTC Presentation Proposal] as well as the following details:

  • A title
  • An abstract of 300 words or less
  • An indication of the nature of your paper (article, dissertation chapter, etc.)
  • Which quarter(s) you would prefer to, and/or cannot present

We encourage interested presenters to get in touch as soon as possible and request that proposals be received no later than August 15th.

Workshop papers should be works in progress ideally between 20–40 pages in length, double-spaced. Accepted presenters are asked to submit their paper at least one week before their workshop date for pre-circulation. The workshop strives to build a durable community so we ask that presenters regularly attend the workshop for at least the quarter in which they present.

Possible paper topics may include:

  • The history of capitalism as a world system
  • Gender and capitalism
  • Art, literature, and poetics
  • Cultural and literary theory/criticism
  • Economic history
  • Postwork imaginaries, automation, unemployment, precarious labor, social death, and poverty
  • Empire, settler colonialism, and the global history of capitalism
  • Slavery, race, and racialization in capitalist development
  • Critiques of capitalist political economy
  • Marx, Marxists, and Marxisms
  • The history of capitalist ideas
  • Climate change, the anthropocene, nonhuman life, and natural disasters
  • Art, taste, and judgment in capitalist societies
  • Digital labor, Silicon Valley, big data, and financial speculation
  • The juridical life of capital
  • Human rights and humanitarian discourse under capitalist rule
  • Affect, trauma, identity, and capitalist domination
  • Migration, expropriation, deportation, and industrial disintegration
  • Capitalism, class warfare, and the carceral sphere
  • Futures without capitalism

You may subscribe to our listserv using this link.


Best wishes,

Niquo and Eduardo