Human Disease and Immune Discovery

CODEX Platform

CODEX Platform

CODEX Platform

Symphony S6 Cell Sorter

5 Laser Aurora Analyzer from Cytek

Data Analysis Workstation

Welcome to Human Disease and Discovery

The goal of the Human Disease & Immune Discovery core facility is to provide expertise, equipment and physical space for researchers to perform cutting edge, high resolution investigations of human immune system. We leverage innovative technologies from field of flow cytometry for data generation and analysis and through close collaboration with Genomics core facility we can provide cellular component solutions to even higher resolution genomic investigations.

We offer access to state of the art, 30 parameters cell sorter Symphony S6 from BD Biosciences for physical separation of up to 6 unique cell populations. We also have 5 lasers spectral flow cytometer Aurora from Cytek for multiparameter flow cytometry needs. With addition of high performance flow cytometry data analysis workstation and close to 20 years of experience in all aspects of human immunology we offer comprehensive solutions from sample preparation to data analysis and visualization in one continuous workflow in single, well-equipped location.

HDID Offers Complete Solutions from Sample Processing to Data Analysis