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The University of Chicago Hospitalist Project (UCHP) began in 1997 by David Meltzer, MD, PhD, to address multidisciplinary questions related to quality, effectiveness, and costs associated with the delivery of health care to hospitalized patients. Since then, the UCHP has expanded to support longitudinal, observational, and comparative effectiveness studies and clinical trials integrating genomic and biological data, clinical EMR data, patient self-report data, hospital administrative records data, and local and national claims (including Medicare) data. As such, interdisciplinary teams that include physicians and health professionals, biological, social, data, behavioral, and operational scientists are using the UCHP to conduct research across the spectrum of translational medicine.

In addition, the UCHP is a clinical research training center with specific programs and opportunities for students and learners at different training levels (high school up to post-graduate MD and/or PhD students). In particular, the UCHP over the past 20 years has trained and supported hundreds of undergraduate Research Assistants who are interested in a clinical research experience. The UCHP offers students an experiential clinical research learning opportunity where they interact with hospitalized patients, a formal didactic curriculum in aging and clinical research, and incorporates students into multi-tiered mentorship teams that conduct clinical research. The UCHP clinical training experiences have been and/or are supported by multiple National Institute of Health Centers (NIGMS, NIA), and the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Collegiate Division.

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Training Opportunities

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