Graduate Students

Previous Job Market Candidates


Omar Al-Ubaydli — George Mason University

Political Economy, Economics of Science, Experimental Economics, Economics of the Gulf Cooperation Council

Jon Alevy — University of Alaska – Anchorage

Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Financial Economics

Steffen Andersen — University of Copenhagen

Household Finance, Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics

James Edwards — Moody’s Investment Services

Industrial Organization, Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Seda Ertac — Koc University

Experimental economics, economics of information, economics of organizations, behavioral economics

Jeff Flory — Claremont-McKenna College

Development Economics, Experimental Economics

Eric Floyd — Rice University

Causes and Consequences of Transparency Regulation, Firm’s Disclosure Policy, Corporate Payout Policy.

Kareem Haggag — Carnegie-Mellon University

Behavioral Economics, Applied Economics

David Herberich — Sears Holding Corporation

Experimental economics in technology adoption and the environment.

Moshe Hoffman — UCSD then Harvard University

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Evolutionary Dynamics, Game Theory, Judgment and Decision Making, Microeconomics, Social Cognition, Evolutionary Psychology

Albert Kim — Deloitte Touche LLP

Health Economics, Population Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics

Andreas Lange — University of Maryland

Microeconomics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics, Experimental and Behavioral Economics

Andreas Leibbrandt — Monash University

Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Public Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Labor Economics, Personnel and Organizational Economics

Min Lee — Anne and Kenneth Griffin Foundation


Sandra Maximiano — Purdue University

Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Organizational Economics

Robert Metcalfe — London School of Economics

Microeconomics, Design of Experiments, Energy and Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Labor Economics, Health, Education, and Welfare Economics, Behavioral Economics

Michael Price — University of Nevada – Reno

Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics, Applied Economics

Sally Sadoff — University of California – San Diego

Field experiments with public policy and education.

Anya Samek — University of Wisconsin – Madison

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Public Economics

Danny Tannenbaum — University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Labor economics, Public economics, Experimental economics

Ty Turley — Brigham Young University

Experimental, Development, Political Economy, Behavioral

Yang Xu — Peking University

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Public Economics