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Most of my non-academic writing is in Russian. I was writing a column for Vedomosti/VTimes in 2004-2021, and have contributed to many Russian media – until most of them were closed by the government. I write a blog on economics and politics, focusing both on current events and research – this is best followed via my Facebook page. (Most posts are copied to my Telegram channel.) I also wrote “When the Oil Runs Out“, a book that popularizes economics research, in Russian.

In English, I have a Twitter account. Below are English-language Op-Eds and columns.


Recent Op-Eds

What Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Looks Like for Everyday Russians, an interview for UChicago News. March 2022.  In short, how did it feel in Russia in 2021-22.

“There Is No Good Scenario”: Russian Economist Says Sanctions Have Hit Hard, an interview for Der Spiegel. March 2022. The third day of war.

Biden-Putin Summit Advice: Sit in the Mud, but Reach for the Stars for Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. June 2021.

Biden’s Plea for Masks Will Fail. Blame Political Polarization for Washington Post. April 2021. An Op-Ed based on “Unmasking Partisanship”. If only former President Trump pleaded for wearing masks…

Political Polarisation Impedes the Public Policy Response to COVID-19 for VoxEU. December 2020. A column based on our “Unmasking Partisanship” paper.

Stimulus Funds Really Do Keep People Home, Our Research Finds  for Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, November 2020. A column based on our JEBO “poverty and economic dislocation” paper. In poorer communities, people comply less with shelter-in-place ordinances. 

In Belarus, the End of One History and the Rise of a New Leader,  July 2020. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya will make history in the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus. No major outlet that I offered this Op-Ed would take it, so this is my only column (out of 500+) that has the title of my own choice.

Ukraine Beyond the Impeachment Headlines for Project Syndicate, January 2020. Focusing on the US impeachment, both sides ignore what is actually happening in Ukraine under President Zelensky.

Financial Restrictions Improve Competitive Balance in Sports for VoxEU, October 2018. The UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations, which aimed to “introduce more discipline and rationality in club football finances”, have indeed improved European football finances.

Russia’s World Cup Opportunity for Project Syndicate, April 2018. Though nobody outside Russia expects it, the World Cup 2018 will be a great event. And it turned out [4 months after the column was published] it was – perhaps the best thing that happened in Russia since Gagarin’s flight in 1961.

Russia’s Economic Stagnation Is Here to Stay for Project Syndicate, February 2018. Mostly obvious points in the ninth year of stagnation.

Trump helps Putin – and all dictators – when he calls U.S. elections ‘rigged’ (with Scott Gehlbach) for The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, October 2016. The ‘rigged elections’ narrative feeds inverse cargo-cults (‘democracy does not work anywhere’) around the world.

Social Media and Corruption: Evidence from a Russin Blog for VoxEU, June 2016. A single blogger [the then-future leader of Russian opposition Alexey Navalny] could move markets posting about corruption in state-controlled companies.


Archive Columns

For many years (2004-2017), my fortnightly column has appeared in The Moscow Times – they are still featuring some of my columns on their web-site.

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