Fall 2022

Discussions normally take place Thursdays inĀ Foster 305 at 5pm. Please note: Dates marked with an asterisk will take place in the Social Sciences Tea Room (Room 201 in the Social Sciences Research Building, next to Foster Hall.)

October 27th*
“The Unsettling of the Human Form: Kafka’s ‘Trees'”
Florian Klinger, Associate Professor in Germanic Studies and the College
Respondent: TBD

November 3rd
“Against Purity: Kant and Cranach in Derrida’s ‘Parergon'”
Rachel Wong, PhD Candidate, Social Thought
Respondent: TBD

FRIDAY, November 18th*
“Cicero on Poetic Theology and Esoteric Philosophy”
Leo Trotz-Liboff, PhD Candidate, Classical Studies (Duke University)
Respondent: TBD

December 1st
“Heidegger, Rilke, Historical Crises”
David Kretz, PhD Candidate, Joint Program in Social Thought and Germanic Studies
Respondent: TBD


Please contact David Hernandez (davidahb@uchicago.edu) or Jimmy White (jjwhite@uchicago.edu) with any questions.