About the LVC workshop

CAS graduate workshops are designed to provide a more intimate, interdisciplinary forum for both students and faculty to hear and present research. Ours in particular addresses language change and variation in all its forms, from theoretical, historical, social, cognitive and computational perspectives.

Talks encourage audience interaction with and feedback about the theories, ideas, and results presented. About 4 external speakers per year are invited; they come from around the U.S. (sometimes beyond) with exciting and influential related work to present. In addition, at least 2 speakers each quarter are University of Chicago graduate students from a variety of departments who share their ongoing research. LVC aims to focus on student development,  providing opportunities for presenting as well as putting on various skill building workshops throughout the year.

To be placed on LVC’s mailing list (mostly reminders of upcoming talks, times, and locations), please email the student coordinator.

Jessica Kantarovich, student coordinator | jkantarovich@uchicago.edu | site
Tran Truong, student coordinator | trantruong [at] uchicago [dot] edu
Amy Dahlstrom, faculty sponsor | site
Yaroslav Gorbachov, faculty sponsor
Lenore Grenoble, faculty sponsor | site
Alan Yu, faculty sponsor | site