Jeremy Baeten, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar

Jeremy obtained his B.Sc. degree in Cell and Molecular Biology at from Missouri State University. He was accepted into the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program at Ohio State University in 2011, and joined the lab of Dr. Brenda Lilly to study Notch signaling in vascular development. After graduating in 2016 with two first author papers, a first author review, and a co-authored paper, Jeremy came to UChicago to work in the lab of Dr. Jill de Jong studying T-ALL in zebrafish and quickly produced another first author paper and review. Joining the McNerney lab in August 2018, his research goal was to characterize the contributions of the tumor suppressor genes associated with monosomy 7/loss of 7q in myeloid leukemias (manuscript in preparation).  Jeremy’s long-term goals are to become an independent investigator in academia studying signaling pathways in cancer.  He received the 2020 BSD Career Advancement for Postdocs Travel Award for his presentation at the Thirteenth International Workshop on Molecular Aspects of Myeloid Stem Cell Development and Leukemia, in Cincinnati.  He is currently a post-doc at Washington University in St. Louis.