Past Events

Medieval Studies Workshop meets an alternate Fridays. Meetings are 12:00-1:30pm and are held in Wieboldt 207 unless indicated otherwise on the schedule.


JANUARY 12 — Mary Anne Case (Arnold I. Shure Professor of Law), “Showing that ‘Femme Est a L’omme Pareille’”

JANUARY 18 — Art History public lecture, Sonja Drimmer (UMass Amherst) “Highly Visible, Hardly Seen: The Object of Politics In Late Medieval England.” CWAC 157.

JANUARY 26 — Jo Nixon (PhD Student, English), “No Epilogue: Lydgate’s “Dance of Death” and the Estates Satire Tradition”

FEBRUARY 9 — Christopher Davis (Assistant Professor of French, Northwestern University), “Hybrid Harmony: The Poetics of Discord and the Language of Song in the Troubadours and Dante”

FEBRUARY 23 — David Cantor-Echols (PhD candidate, History), “Historicizing Ritual and Ritualizing History in the Chronicles of Alfonso XI of Castile”

MARCH 9 — Robert Porwoll (PhD candidate, History of Christianity), “Introduction: Regular Canons, Restoration, and Reform”


OCTOBER 6: Lucy Pick (Senior Lecturer in the History of Christianity and Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Faculty in History), “Don’t You Forget About Me: Memory, Gift and Death in the Early Spanish Kingdoms”

OCTOBER 20: Sam Baudinette (PhD Student, History of Christianity) “Tetragrammatic Translation: Maimonidean Arguments about the Divine Names in the Christian Hebraism of Ramon Martí and Meister Eckhart”

OCTOBER 30: co-sponsored event with the Early Modern and Mediterranean Workshop, Boccaccio’s Painters. Panelists included Albert Russell Ascoli (Italian, UC Berkeley) and Justin Steinberg (RLL, UChicago).

NOVEMBER 3: Lisa Scott (PhD Candidate, History), “‘The Lords, Knights, and Cities’: The Estates and Assembly in their Institutional Context”

NOVEMBER 17: Aden Kumler (Associate Professor of Art History, Romance Languages and Literatures, and the College), “Lyric Voices”

DECEMBER 1: Thomas Burman (Professor and Robert M. Conway Director, Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame), “‘The Breath of God’s Nostrils (Ex. 15:8) is Literally the Holy Spirit,’ Or Why the Best Arabist in 13th-century Christendom Didn’t Care about Islam.” Co-sponsored by the Early Modern and Mediterranean Workshop with generous funding from the Lumen Christi Institute


APRIL 21 –  Karin Krause, Assistant Professor of Byzantine Theology and Visual Culture, “Celebrating Orthodoxy: Miniatures for Gregory the Theologian’s “Unread” Orations (MS Basiliensis AN I 8)”

APRIL 28 – Frank Rexroth, Professor of Medieval Intellectual History, University of Göttingen / Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) “The school of Peter Abelard and the boundaries of scholarly communication in the twelfth century” (Main Sponsor – History Dept.)

MAY 5 – Claire Jones, Assistant Professor of German, Notre Dame University, “Iron Maiden: Mary in the Chronicles of the Baltic Crusade”

MAY 19 – David Orsbon, PhD Candidate in Classics and Comparative Literature, “Nuda Natura”

JUNE 2 – Matthew Vanderpoel, PhD Candidate in History of Christianity, “In a Manner of Speaking: Scholasticism, Humanism, and Language at the University of Paris”


OCTOBER 6: Francis Oakley, “”Kingship: The Politics of Enchantment”, Classics 110

OCTOBER 7: Luke Fidler, “Inscribing the World at Hexham,” CWAC 152

OCTOBER 21: Damian Fleming (Indiana University, Fort Wayne), CWAC 152

NOVEMBER 4: Mohamad Ballan, “Sayf al-Dawla ibn Hud (d. 1146): An Andalusi Muslim Prince in the Service of King Alfonso VII of Castile-León,” WB 207

NOVEMBER 15: Julian Führer, (University of Zurich), “Phantoms of literacy” (CO-SPONSORED with Late Antiquity & Byzantium Workshop)

NOVEMBER 18: Alexis Becker, Title TBD, WB 207

DECEMBER 2: Dan Yingst , “Creation the Mirror, Creation the Engine,” WB 207




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