Past Events

Medieval Studies Workshop meets an alternate Fridays. Meetings are 12:00-1:30pm and are held in Wieboldt 207 unless indicated otherwise on the schedule.


APRIL 21 –  Karin Krause, Assistant Professor of Byzantine Theology and Visual Culture, “Celebrating Orthodoxy: Miniatures for Gregory the Theologian’s “Unread” Orations (MS Basiliensis AN I 8)”

APRIL 28 – Frank Rexroth, Professor of Medieval Intellectual History, University of Göttingen / Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) “The school of Peter Abelard and the boundaries of scholarly communication in the twelfth century” (Main Sponsor – History Dept.)

MAY 5 – Claire Jones, Assistant Professor of German, Notre Dame University, “Iron Maiden: Mary in the Chronicles of the Baltic Crusade”

MAY 19 – David Orsbon, PhD Candidate in Classics and Comparative Literature, “Nuda Natura”

JUNE 2 – Matthew Vanderpoel, PhD Candidate in History of Christianity, “In a Manner of Speaking: Scholasticism, Humanism, and Language at the University of Paris”


OCTOBER 6: Francis Oakley, “”Kingship: The Politics of Enchantment”, Classics 110

OCTOBER 7: Luke Fidler, “Inscribing the World at Hexham,” CWAC 152

OCTOBER 21: Damian Fleming (Indiana University, Fort Wayne), CWAC 152

NOVEMBER 4: Mohamad Ballan, “Sayf al-Dawla ibn Hud (d. 1146): An Andalusi Muslim Prince in the Service of King Alfonso VII of Castile-León,” WB 207

NOVEMBER 15: Julian Führer, (University of Zurich), “Phantoms of literacy” (CO-SPONSORED with Late Antiquity & Byzantium Workshop)

NOVEMBER 18: Alexis Becker, Title TBD, WB 207

DECEMBER 2: Dan Yingst , “Creation the Mirror, Creation the Engine,” WB 207

Spring Quarter 2016

April 8: Madison Hendren (PhD Student, Romance Languages and Literatures), “Challenge Accepted: Honor and Shame in Boccaccio’s Teseida and Filocolo,” WB 207

April 16 (Cosponsored): Nearness | Rift: Art and Time in the Textiles of Medieval Britain. Gathering a multidisciplinary group of scholars, the colloquium will address a range of historiographic and methodological problems governing the study of textiles through a series of case studies from medieval Britain. For more information, visit the Conference Website or contact Luke Fidler (

April 19 (Cosponsored): Alain de Libéra (Professor of the History of Medieval Philosophy at the Collège de France), “Will and nil: Christ’s agony in the garden and other ethical dilemma’s in early Christian and medieval thought,” 4:30pm, Swift Common Room, Standing in a long and venerable tradition, Alain de Libéra has an impressive bibliography, as his publications range from studies on Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas to works on Averroism and medieval Neoplatonism as well as on the Rhineland mystics, especially Eckhart (for more info)

April 20 (Cosponsored with Lumen Christi): “The Inquisition: What Really Happened?” A Symposium with Nicholas Davidson (University of Oxford), Hannah Marcus (Stanford University), Daniele Macuglia (University of Chicago). Moderator, Ada Palmer (University of Chicago). 5:00pm, University of Chicago, Social Sciences 122 Register Here

April 22: Lisa Scott (PhD Candidate, History), “Between Two Kingdoms: Assemblies in Bohemia and Moravia During Contested Rule,” WB 207

April 26 (Cosponsored): Alain de Libéra (Professor of the History of Medieval Philosophy at the Collège de France), “Philosophical archeology and deconstruction. Towards an archeology of the subject,” with responses by Jean-Luc Marion and Ryan Coyne, 4:30pm, Swift Third Floor Lecture Hall Prof. de Libera will also hold an afternoon of office hours during his stay in Chicago, for which the place and time will be announced later

May 4 (Cosponsored): Matthew Vanderpoel (PhD Candidate, History of Christianity), “Domesticated Necromancy: ‘Renart Magicien’ and the Non-Humanity of Language,” cosponsored with Animal Studies Workshop, 4:30-6pm, Rosenwald 405

May 6: Pre-Kalamazoo Student Panel, more details to follow, WB 207

May 20: Anne Robertson (Claire Dux Swift Distinguished Service Professor of Music and the Humanities in the College; Chair, Department of Music), “Boethius, the Goddess Fortuna, and Late Medieval Music,” WB 207

June 3: Patricia Stirnemann (French National Centre for Scientific Research, Manuscrits Enluminés, Emerita), “A family affair: The Psalters of Ingeborg, Blanche de Castille and Blanche de Navarre,” CWAC 152

Winter Quarter 2016

Jan 15: Aden Kumler (Associate Professor of Art History and the College), “Manufacturing the Sacred in the Middle Ages: The eucharist and other medieval works of ars,” WB 408 at 2:30 pm

Jan 22 (Cosponsored): Master Class on Pseudo-Dionysius with Bernard McGinn (Naomi Shenstone Donnelley Professor Emeritus of Historical Theology and of the History of Christianity), cosponsored with Lumen Christi, 2:00-5:30 Gavin House; Register Here

Jan 28 (Cosponsored): “Aquinas: Poet and Contemplative,” Paul Murray, O.P. (Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome), cosponsored with Lumen Christi, 7:00pm Swift Hall Common Room; Register Here

Jan 29: Laura Wangerin (Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison), “The Case of the Missing Missi: Missi dominici and Ottonian Administration in the Tenth Century,” WB 408

Feb 4 (Cosponsored): “St. Bonaventure on Education, Philosophy, and the Sciences,” Timothy B. Noone (Catholic University of America), cosponsored with Lumen Christi, 4:30pm location TBA; Register Here

Feb 12: Dan Yingst (PhD Candidate, History of Christianity), “Honorius Augustodunensis’ Authorial Cosmos,” WB 408

March 4: Sam Lasman (PhD Student, Comparative Literature), “Pagan Ravens: British Corvids in Medieval Antiquarian Fiction,” WB 408
*note the change in date

March 11: Special Master’s Student Paper Panel, with Amanda Graff (MAPSS) and Logan McMillen (Divinity) WB 408
– Winter Quarter Potluck in the evening

Autumn Quarter 2015

Oct 9: Willemien Otten (Professor, Theology and History of Christianity), “Medieval Latin Humanism: Themes and Problems,” WB 207
– Potluck in the evening at Prof. Delogu’s, details to be announced

Oct 23: Sean Hannan (PhD Candidate, History of Christianity), “The Meaning of Present History in Augustine’s City of God,” WB 207

Nov 6: Claire Jenson (PhD Student, Art History), “Patronage, Liturgy, and the City: The Illuminated Manuscripts of Renaud de Bar, Bishop of Metz,” CWAC 156

Nov 20: Daniel Smail (Professor, History, Harvard University; 2015-2016 Neubauer Collegium Visiting Fellow): “The Materiality of Credit: Debt Collection as Pawnbroking in Late Medieval Mediterranean Europe,” WB 408 at 2:30

Dec 4: Christina Llanes (PhD Student, History of Christianity), “Compassion as a Spiritual Practice in the Life and Works of Angela of Foligno and Catherine of Siena,” WB 207

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