Past Events


JANUARY 11: Benjamin Saltzman, Assistant Professor of English. “Hand and Eyes: Illustrating an Iconography of Shame in Junius 11.”

JANUARY 17: Roland Betancourt, Associate Professor of Art History, UC Irvine. “Queer Sensations: Perception and Same-Gender Desire in Byzantium” Cobb 115 @ 12:30 *Please note the change in date and location

FEBRUARY 8: “Where Can Medieval Take You?” Medieval Studies Undergraduate Program Alumni Event. Social Sciences Tea Room, 12:30-2pm.

FEBRUARY 15: Rob Porwoll, PhD Candidate, Divinity . “The Epistolary Dialogue of Abelard and Heloise.” Rosenwald 405, 12:30-2:00 pm

FEBRUARY 21: Kathy Krause, Professor of French at the University of Missouri Kansas City, will give a public talk entitled “‘Son païs sostenoit en vigor’: Portraying the Countesses of Boulogne.”  4:30 pm, Community Room of the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, 5733 S. University Ave. 

FEBRUARY 22: Sam Lasman, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature. “Past and Paradox: What Did It Mean to Time-Travel in Medieval Wales?” Rosenwald 40512:30-2:00 pm

MARCH 8: Owen Joyce-Coughlin, PhD Student, Divinity. “Authorship, Authority and Literary Form in Mechthild of Magdeburg’s The Flowing Light of the Godhead and Marguerite Porete’s The Mirror of Simple Souls.” Rosenwald 40512:30-2:00 pm


OCTOBER 11: David Reher (PhD candidate, RLL), “Troy in Medieval Castilian Travel Literature” 

OCTOBER 19: Tristan Sharp (PhD student, History), “Beyond the noble feud: conflict, law and violent self help in late medieval Germany (1350-1450)”

NOVEMBER 2: Dyan Elliott (Peter B. Ritzma Professor of the Humanities and Professor of History, Northwestern University), “Sodomy on the Cusp of the Eleventh and Twelfth Century”

NOVEMBER 8: Nahir Otaño Gracia (Assistant Professor of English at Beloit College), “Counter-narratives and the Middle Ages: Woman and Power in the Global North Atlantic.” (This event is a public talk,
co-sponsored with The Lexicon Project, and will take place at 4:30 pm, location TBD).

NOVEMBER 16: Michael Allen (Associate Professor of Classics), “What Is Wisdom? What Is Concord? An Editor’s Reading of Lupus’s Letter 35”

NOVEMBER 30: Alexandra Peters (PhD student, History), “Islamic Knowledge and Christian Kingship: The Muslim Intellectuals of the Alfonsine Scriptorium”


October 5:John Latham-Sprinkle (PhD Candidate, SOAS, University of London), “The Power of the Foreign: Kingship in North Caucasian Alania c.875-1100.”

APRIL 6:on-campus conference entitled Gender and Form in the Middle Ages. This event will take place on the ground floor conference room at the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, time TBD. 

APRIL 13: Christopher Davis (Assistant Professor of French, Northwestern University), “Hybrid Harmony: The Poetics of Discord and the Language of Song from the Troubadours to Dante.” 

APRIL 20:David Orsbon (PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature and Classics), “Boethius Emendatus: A Re-Examination of Proclus’ Influence on Boethius’ Consolatio.”

APRIL 26:Carole Rawcliffe (Professor of Medieval History, University of East Anglia) public lecture, “Christ the Physician Walks the Wards: Medicine and Religion in Medieval England.” This event will be held at 4:30 pm in the third floor lecture hall of Swift. 

APRIL 27:Carole Rawcliffe (Professor of Medieval History, University of East Anglia), “Mental Illness and Mental Health in the Late Medieval English Monastery.”

MAY 4:Felix Szabo (PhD Candidate in History), “Personal Piety in the Seals of Middle Byzantine Eunuchs.”

MAY 8: María Marcos Cobaleda (Assistant Professor, University of Malagá), “Almoravid Art and Its Cultural Impact: Artistic Exchange in the Medieval Mediterranean.” This lecture will take place at 4:00 pm in Stuart 105, and is co-sponsored with Center for Middle East Studies and the Middle East History and Theory Workshop.

MAY 10-13:International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. 

MAY 15-16:On-campus conference entitled European Urban History, ca. 1200-1500: Comparative Perspectives. Sponsored by the University of Chicago / University of Vienna Faculty Grant Program, the History Department, and the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures.

MAY 22:in co-sponsorship with the Early Modern & Mediterranean Worlds Workshop, Már Jónsson (Professor of History, University of Iceland), “The Victims of Witchcraft in 17th century Iceland.” This event will be held from 5:00-6:30 pm in WB 207. 

JUNE 1:Nancy Thebaut (PhD Candidate, Art History), “Meaningful Folds: Representing and Qualifying Christ’s Absence through his Grave Cloths c. 1000.” This event will be held in CWAC 156.


JANUARY 12 — Mary Anne Case (Arnold I. Shure Professor of Law), “Showing that ‘Femme Est a L’omme Pareille’”

JANUARY 18 — Art History public lecture, Sonja Drimmer (UMass Amherst) “Highly Visible, Hardly Seen: The Object of Politics In Late Medieval England.” CWAC 157.

JANUARY 26 — Jo Nixon (PhD Student, English), “No Epilogue: Lydgate’s “Dance of Death” and the Estates Satire Tradition”

FEBRUARY 9 — Christopher Davis (Assistant Professor of French, Northwestern University), “Hybrid Harmony: The Poetics of Discord and the Language of Song in the Troubadours and Dante”

FEBRUARY 23 — David Cantor-Echols (PhD candidate, History), “Historicizing Ritual and Ritualizing History in the Chronicles of Alfonso XI of Castile”

MARCH 9 — Robert Porwoll (PhD candidate, History of Christianity), “Introduction: Regular Canons, Restoration, and Reform”


OCTOBER 6: Lucy Pick (Senior Lecturer in the History of Christianity and Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Faculty in History), “Don’t You Forget About Me: Memory, Gift and Death in the Early Spanish Kingdoms”

OCTOBER 20: Sam Baudinette (PhD Student, History of Christianity) “Tetragrammatic Translation: Maimonidean Arguments about the Divine Names in the Christian Hebraism of Ramon Martí and Meister Eckhart”

OCTOBER 30: co-sponsored event with the Early Modern and Mediterranean Workshop, Boccaccio’s Painters. Panelists included Albert Russell Ascoli (Italian, UC Berkeley) and Justin Steinberg (RLL, UChicago).

NOVEMBER 3: Lisa Scott (PhD Candidate, History), “‘The Lords, Knights, and Cities’: The Estates and Assembly in their Institutional Context”

NOVEMBER 17: Aden Kumler (Associate Professor of Art History, Romance Languages and Literatures, and the College), “Lyric Voices”

DECEMBER 1: Thomas Burman (Professor and Robert M. Conway Director, Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame), “‘The Breath of God’s Nostrils (Ex. 15:8) is Literally the Holy Spirit,’ Or Why the Best Arabist in 13th-century Christendom Didn’t Care about Islam.” Co-sponsored by the Early Modern and Mediterranean Workshop with generous funding from the Lumen Christi Institute


APRIL 21 –  Karin Krause, Assistant Professor of Byzantine Theology and Visual Culture, “Celebrating Orthodoxy: Miniatures for Gregory the Theologian’s “Unread” Orations (MS Basiliensis AN I 8)”

APRIL 28 – Frank Rexroth, Professor of Medieval Intellectual History, University of Göttingen / Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) “The school of Peter Abelard and the boundaries of scholarly communication in the twelfth century” (Main Sponsor – History Dept.)

MAY 5 – Claire Jones, Assistant Professor of German, Notre Dame University, “Iron Maiden: Mary in the Chronicles of the Baltic Crusade”

MAY 19 – David Orsbon, PhD Candidate in Classics and Comparative Literature, “Nuda Natura”

JUNE 2 – Matthew Vanderpoel, PhD Candidate in History of Christianity, “In a Manner of Speaking: Scholasticism, Humanism, and Language at the University of Paris”


OCTOBER 6: Francis Oakley, “”Kingship: The Politics of Enchantment”, Classics 110

OCTOBER 7: Luke Fidler, “Inscribing the World at Hexham,” CWAC 152

OCTOBER 21: Damian Fleming (Indiana University, Fort Wayne), CWAC 152

NOVEMBER 4: Mohamad Ballan, “Sayf al-Dawla ibn Hud (d. 1146): An Andalusi Muslim Prince in the Service of King Alfonso VII of Castile-León,” WB 207

NOVEMBER 15: Julian Führer, (University of Zurich), “Phantoms of literacy” (CO-SPONSORED with Late Antiquity & Byzantium Workshop)

NOVEMBER 18: Alexis Becker, Title TBD, WB 207

DECEMBER 2: Dan Yingst , “Creation the Mirror, Creation the Engine,” WB 207




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