Tell Keisan

David Schloen, Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Chicago, Co-Director
Gunnar Lehman, Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Co-Director
Bernd Schipper, Professor of Old Testament, Humboldt University of Berlin, Co-Director

Tell Keisan is an ancient Canaanite and Phoenician city of the Bronze and Iron Ages located 9 miles northeast of Haifa, Israel. In biblical times, this site was occupied by Phoenicians who had close economic and cultural relations with the Israelites and established colonies around the Mediterranean.

At Tell Keisan, OCHRE has allowed us to implement a completely digital approach to onsite data collection and recording, from the moment of excavation to the processing of the finds by various specialists. This enables a more efficient integration and analysis of our results—including detailed plans, sections, photographs, and other geospatial data—and a seamless path to online publication on the Web. 

David Schloen

Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Chicago

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